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Is a Blue Jean Kelly a good idea?


Nov 14, 2009
I was in the H boutique last week and tried on a 32 retourne Blue Jean Kelly just for size. I never imagined I would have any interest in Blue Jean color because I (perhaps wrongly) thought the color had been extremely popular in the past and therefore wouldn't feel unique or special. Well, long story short, I really loved it when I tried it on and can't stop thinking about it. I typically wear a lot of blacks and greys and live in jeans when not dressed for work. So, what do you guys think of a blue jean kelly? Is it so last year? Does the color work in the Fall/Winter months? I would rather not have a Kelly that loses it's shape so what leather would be best? Would I have a good chance finding one pre-loved? Thank you all so much in advance for your thoughts and advice!


Jul 12, 2009
I also never thought I would be a "blue jean person" (most of my bags are black, chocolate, gold, white, and etoupe) but then, similar to you, I saw a 35 blue jean togo retourne Kelly in my local H store in June and couldn't stop thinking about it. I also wear a lot of black (and white in the summer) and I have gotten tons of use out of the bag. I may not use it as much in the Fall but will definitely bring it back out in January and use it during the rest of the year.


Apr 15, 2010
I can only comment on the colour as I am not a kelly person: I wear similar colours to you and was very sceptical as regards BJ, for all the same reasons, but kept thinking of it - now that I have one, I totally love it, it is the most gorgeous colour, and I do not understand how I could have been wondering about it and whether I would have liked it. Hope that helps!
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Jun 23, 2007
I own a Blue Jean Kelly 35. I love it. DH who never says "no" to a bag, was hesitant, because of the price, practicality of the color, etc. I was looking at more practical colors. But the blue just made me melt. I wear it year-round. If it was my only H bag I would wear it all the time. Is it togo? Mine is. The color is classic, will never go out of style. It's a lovely basic bag. It looks wonderful with most anything -- especially when I'm dressed head to toe black, which is most of the time.
Jul 11, 2008
I've seen a blue jean kelly too in retourne, and it is a great summer bag, particularly if you favour jeans and whites. Not so sure how well it works with beigey neutrals though, but if you have something in your collection that easily covers that, then I say why not?

It took a while for me to see it - but I am coming round to thinking that BJ is the cooler staple to gold or etoupe.
Sep 2, 2007
I have a 35 Blue Jean Retourne Kelly in Clemence and I love it. It's very versatile as you can wear it in a casual style with jeans but at the same time, I carry it to work and pair it with my work clothes. It's an all time classic.


Resistance is Futile
Apr 8, 2006
Gorgeous color and most definitely year-round. I think if you were to go with Clemence you should be ok as far as your fear of the bag losing it's shape. I have a Graphite Clemence Kelly that look GREAT and I've used that bag heaps!!!!
May 7, 2007
I think I remember seeing a photo of a Blue Jean Kelly on one of our members (a while ago) and I thought it was gorgeous.

I personally love the colour but, even though my husband loves this colour, I'm hesitant about buying a bag in this colour purely for the reasons you state about longevity etc. I will be very interested in the answers in this thread.

I don't wear any clothes that colour - the nearest would be Navy - but then maybe that means that the Blue Jean works better because its the accent colour.

* Actually, the more I'm typing about why you should get one, I'm talking myself into it too!!!*
May 11, 2007
I have a 28cm Kelly Swift in BJ, and I adore it!
I use it all Spring/Summer and Fall, then occasionally in Winter (with my fav greys).
I am not too much of a matchy person, so I dont find the colour at all hard to integrate into my wardrobe.
I have had my BJ Kelly a couple of years now and I am still blown away by how much I love the colour.

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Gremmy Girl
Aug 31, 2007
I have a Blue Jean Kelly 35 in Clemence. Mine is smooshy because it's Clemence but I wanted it that way. Togo is also lovely in Blue Jean - perhaps even lovlier because the color is more saturated in Togo.

Blue Jean is a classic H color and not at all "yesterday"! It goes with every color you can imagine with the possible exception of pink (too precious IMHO) and looks fantastic with greys, black, white, camel, brown, taupe, orange..... well you get the picture!

Many H colors have come and gone over the years but, for me, Blue Jean (along with Orange) are the two classic non neutrals that never go out of style.


Nov 14, 2009
Thank you all so much for sharing your thoughts and perspective. I am now more certain than ever that the Blue Jean Kelly is meant for me. So crazy - I just never saw myself as a blue jean girl! I will be picking her up on Saturday!!