Is a black violet Phoebe too duplicative of a Black Phoebe?

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  1. First said, I have, use and like the Black Phoebe very much. Second, I have too large a collection and have been trying to pare down. Third, purple is my favorite color.

    I got this at an outlet, far enough that I couldn't just think it over and go back tomorrow. Oddly, the SA was someone I hadn't met before and she didn't know I am a "somewhat regular." In fact, all the SAs today seemed to be newbies.

    This SA was incredibly pushy, almost to the point that I walked away because I didn't want to give her the sale. Ironically, she probably thinks her pushy attitude MADE the sale, but I decided she wasn't going to have me walk away from a bag I liked and probably wouldn't see again just because of her attitude. (guess that fixed HER, LOL)

    While she was chatting me up, she also represented to another customer that Coach is all manufactured in Italy. There was another SA nearby and I sort of said under my breath, “well she’s wrong about that, these all came from China”. The other SA smiled to herself but didn't say anything.

    She tried to upsell me a MMF pink patent silver hardware wallet as a “match” to the bag. The BV Phoebe is a FP bag with gold hardware. When I didn’t “bite she pushed another MFF signature wallet with purple saffiano and silver hardware.

    At this point, I thought I'd just mention they didn’t make a wallet for the Phoebe.

    Then she switched gears telling me that I was right this was a “boutique” piece, which is made better than the MFF which is done from lesser materials. She also represented that stock from the boutique was rarely sent to them and that this was a part of one of the largest shipments they had received EVER. I flat out told her I didn’t believe that.

    The worst of it is, I bought the bag. No way on the “upsell.”

    (Good Lord! I miss the "old SAs")
  2. Wow... She sounds like a piece of something.... Lol... I have never gotten a pushy SA.... Most of the time I get the "how old are you look."

    I would've put it on hold and came back... People like that annoy the crap out of me....

    But you got the bag!!! So yeah!!!! :smile:
  3. I thought I just read this somewhere .. LOL .. yay for the bag, boo for her! AND STINKS that she still got the sale!
  4. First I have to say, Rebel mama, right, lizmil? :smile:

    Second, I can NOT stand it when the SAs come up and act like we're besties, though that usually happens more in the FP stores. I usually cold shoulder them (embarrassed grin) and will find someone who is more open to talk to when I have questions. Again, when you're in an outlet and dealing with limited bags then you do what ya gotta do!
  5. I hate it when the SAs are too pushy! I try to don't let it bother me as I know I would regret not getting a bag I liked just because of that.

    Black violet is not too duplicative to a black phoebe! I think is a very good choice! Congrats!
  6. I'm sorry this happened to you. I really hate it when they spew incorrect information too! She didn't deserve the sale. You really showed her, didn't you? :lol:

    I've had really great experiences the last several times I've been in Coach stores, FP and outlet.

    Black violet is totally different than black. If you love purple, you won't regret it.
  7. Black Violet is a gorgeous purple. I love it. I love it so much more than last summer's purple they called Marine.

    Get the bag!

  8. Ok, I can't edit my post now? Here's how I wanted to edit it.....

    First I have to say, Rebel mama, right, lizmil? :smile: (Edited to add, please ignore me if my brain is backfiring on me, it's all stress, don't hold it against me.... I thought I recognized your user ID from another forum)

    Second, I can..... Blah, blah, blah. :biggrin: