Is a Black Multicolor Rita bag pretty or is the White one better?

  1. Hello Louis Vuitton Fans...
    I am stuck now...I want to buy the black MC Rita bag...but it seems like the White one is prettier...what do you all think? I would think that I would get the white one dirty faster, whereas the black one...I know it won't get dirty as fast, and plus I can use it at all seasons of the year. For those who owns a you all like it?

    Thank you all for your help and advice.

  2. I prefer white MC over black... well atleast on most things!
  3. Thank you for answering me. How do you keep it clean?:tup:
  4. I much prefer the black...I think its prettier and more practical, while I think the white is more popular. I had 2 white MC items (an agenda and Priscilla) and sold them both because they got dirty and it drove me nuts.
  5. Well I dont actually have any white MC YET.. but soon. I think you can look up another thread and it should tell you how to keep it clean cuz im not really sure..
  6. All coated canvas is pretty easy to keep clean. Discolouration from transfers or the natural progress of the material is more worrysome.

    I thnk you should go with the one you like the most; the white . It's the prettiest IMO. ;)
  7. I prefer the white MC. I have a white MC speedy and have no problems keeping it clean. If it ever gets dirty I just lightly wipe it down with a baby wipe.
  8. Do you all only use your White MC bags during the Spring/Summer time only?

    Thank You!!:yes:
  9. I think it is a matter of preference. In my case, I think some bags look better in black and others in white.
    I think the Rita is really pretty in the black!
  10. I prefer black, too!
  11. I have the white MC Rita and I love this bag!! Keeping it clean is no trouble at all. At one point, I had some denim transfer on the bottom of my bag and I was able to wipe it off with baby wipe!

    I actually bought a black MC Rita on the same day as I bought the white one, but common sense came back and I returned it. I had other bags to get on my list first ---- I temporarily gave in to temptation. LOL The black MC Rita is on my list to get, though.
  12. With the MC Rita, I do prefer the white...definitely!
  13. I've been lusting after the Black MC Rita for the longest time.
    I prefer Black for all MC items. Seems more versatile to me, and White is nice when the vachetta is brand spanking new (to look at). Whereas after it patinas, black seems more suited. Just MO. And it'll patina for sure, so maybe that's why I prefer black as well.
    But either way, that is one georgeous bag regardless of Black or White!!!
  14. i like the white mc better!!!! i am bias though.. always prefer white mc over black ! lolx
  15. I prefer the white MC, but wouldn't say no to a black Rita eiter!:nuts: