Is a bag an appropriate b-day gift

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  1. for a girl who is turning 14 she really loves them and takes really good care of her things i am asking everyones opinions i cant decide what to do
  2. Are you talking about getting her a Bbag?
  3. yes
    my sister said it was inappropriate (this sister is not her mother, the mother is my other sister)
  4. That's a tough one ... is she one to take good care of her bags? I think maybe something more appropriate might be a small Bal accessory instead?

    Edited to add: just saw that you said she takes good care of her things. I still think an accessory might be the place to start though!
  5. call me conservative but I have to say no, not at 14. At 18 maybe, for graduation or some significant event. But not 14. *ducking*
  6. personally i think 14 is a bit too young for a high-end designer bag. i agree with moonstarr that starting on an accessory might be better.
    i bought my first designer bag with my own money when i was 18 (i'm now 19). she might take good care of her bags but from personal experience (and i have ALWAYS been obsessed with bags/shoes/etc..) i know that as a 14 year old who got it as a present i would not have treasured a designer bag as much as i did when i bought myself one with 18!!
    just my two cents!
  7. I personally would start her out with Coach or Dooney & Bourke. They have some really cute age appropriate bags for teen girls.
  8. i got my first bbag when i was 17 but i bought it for myself. I nanny for a 14year old and i know she couldn't look after it properly even if she wanted to. but it depends on what type of person she is. even so a 1000k+ is very expensive and generous so its up to you if you think she can look after it then shes a very very lucky girl
  9. I definitly agree, no! I have bought all of my designer bags (lv, coach, bal) and I have cherished them because ive had to work so hard for them, not because they were given to me. I know that when I was 14 I took care of my stuff, but think about how young that is. This is something I hate; little girls carrying expensive bags that someone else bought for them. This girl is 14 and she is going to be carrying around a 1K+ bag? Call me crazy, or i guess just jealous, but i think its WAY too young. I think the appropriate age is either when they are able to save up enough money and buy one for themselves, or like goldilocks said for graduation from high school. But I think if you want to get her something bal to get started, a CP wouldn't be a bad idea! HTH!
  10. My mother let me use her designer bags from the time I could carry them. I always took care of them and didn't really have a complex about it (they were just bags and I took care of them like I did everything else I owned) so I see nothing wrong with a younger person carrying a designer bag, particularly if it's vintage.

    HOWEVER, as you aren't the 14 year-old's mother, you may want to ask her mother how she feels about it. If she isn't getting her daughter something better than a B-bag (and few things are), or isn't in the habit of buying expensive presents (we don't do birthday presents much in our family) then you may want to hold off.

    I probably wouldn't buy my niece a brand new B-bag at that age, but I may consider passing on one of my own.

    ETA: I am still more likely to buy something less expensive though.
  11. Yes, I was just going to suggest that as well. I think Bals are too expensive for a 14 yr. old no matter how well she treats her belongings.
  12. I agree that an accessory or a Coach or D & B bag would be more appropriate for a 14 year old. I don't know a 14 year old girl who I would give a $1000+ bag to for any reason. Where would she carry,NOT!
  13. I think 14 is a bit young too. Maybe a small Gucci or LV?

    I wish I had an Aunt like you when I was 14!!:yes:
  14. 14? u kidding me....way too young to have designer bags!
  15. I think 14 is a bit young. There are other, less expensive brands that may be a bit more appropriate.

    I think you should talk to the girl's mother before you buy any expensive gift, though. While you may think it's ok, she may not (or vice versa).