Is A Baby Pink Motorcycle Bag Still Hip And Not Good For A 40 Year Old?

Is Pink Leather Still Cute & Okay For A 40-Year Old? "-)

  • Yes! It's Still So Cute and Fresh!

  • Ugh - No Don't Go There!

  • Nice Option - But Don't Care For The Style....

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is really in love...
Oct 4, 2006
Hi guys and Happy 2007!:yahoo: Hey - would you even consider still wearing a pink bag? Not the totally hot fushia that Balenciaga has - but more of a mix of a bubblegum/mid-range pink in the motorcycle bag? Are pink bags out? What about for a 40 year old? Not a staid 40 year old - I have 4 kids, wearing jeans, flip flops, whatever - not like totally the latest and greatest on everything, but I thought maybe it would be a nice bag to have for the summer?:sweatdrop: This is a nice leather too - it's a Besso...I know, I know - not a $1400 Balenciaga, but hey guys - I totally can't afford it! I know....wear it if you like it - but I don't want to look foolish - and I didn't know if the color was too young for an old foghie like me...:crybaby:


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If you like it, I would buy it! I happen to have a pink MJ Bowler in Blush and I'm 50 years old! I don't think the bag you're considering is inappropriate at all for you.

I think that shade of pink is very flattering to all ages, I would think that if you tend to dress young and casual, it would definitely go with you. However I think you need to feel comfortable carrying it, otherwise you will be so self conscious and look uncomfortable!;) :yahoo:
Wow! After viewing the picture....I totally changed my mind about the color! I love it. Wish I had it. In my mind, I was thinking something more in the line of a "Mary Kay" those's the only description I can come up with at the moment! Your bag is a beautiful color!!
I love it! I'd love a pink bag, I think they're cute, and go great with jeans! If you like it, and would wear it, you should get it. I don't think you'd look foolish at all, it's a terrific bag!