Is a 35 cm Barenia birkin bag really out of the question?

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  1. Regarding the mythical 35 cm, natural barenia birkin bag with palladium hardware. In ten years, I havent ever seen one in a store, and have only seen one or two in real life (the last one spotted last summer carried by a beautiful and casually chic white-haired New York woman, while shopping at Hermes). Is Barenia not available at this time in a large bag such as a birkin? Is this a "special order" type of thing? Or is this just a pipe dream and I should forget about it.
  2. ^^^There's a customer at my store who's waiting 6 years already for her all barenia Birkin.
  3. SIX years!:nuts::nuts::nuts::nuts:

    A bit off the topic, if your SO is confirmed then there are no worries that H may have forgotten about your order or your order got lost?
  4. You're right, but after about 3 years, I think I would have forgotten I'd even placed this order. Can you imagine? Hermes calls to say your SO has arrived. You ask "Which SO?". H: "The Barenia one you placed 10 years ago". You: "I placed one?:confused1:"
  5. It sounds like this is not really obtainable.
  6. Barenia was not offered (to me) as a special order option and it has not been one for years.....It simply has not been on the list of available leathers from which one can chose their SOs.
    They still make the smaller bags -- some sizes of Picotins and Evelynes, but my manager says she has not been able to place any barenia orders at Podium for years, except for the toile/barenia combos.
  7. Apart from barenia toile, it's best to give up on barenia altogether. We get told that "snowflake" and "hell" are a more likely combo than barenia and birkin these days. :crybaby:
  8. Thanks for the info. Sounds like barenia is really out of the picture as an option.
  9. Jedi,

    I know this isn't what you really want - but I've been interested in the way Swift takes both Gold and Noisette (judging from photographs.) Swift reminded me of Barenia in both cases - because of the texture, I think, and also because Swift seems to intensify color. I know - it doesn't develop patina, doesn't smell the same - it's not what you want. But if Barenia is out of the question, perhaps Swift is worth investigating in the natural leather colors?
  10. :lol:
  11. Is box pretty close to barenia in smoothness? From pictures it looks shinier than barenia, but seems to have the same texture and stiffness.
  12. Agreed, Fleur de lis, Gold Swift has a similar appearance as Barenia....especially, if you request it with white topstitch. Of course, it isn't Barenia....but, it's a beautiful other option.

    I'd much prefer the Swift....but, I don't like the natural aging that Barenia displays over time especially on such a large expanse of leather that we see on the bags.
  13. isus and fleur de lis - I agree with both of you - I like the swift better too. I havent seen it yet in gold but I have seen it in other colors (black, blue jean, etoupe). I really like it. I am thinking that I would like a 28 kelly in gold or etoupe swift.
  14. I agree. As wonderful as Barenia is, it has drawbacks.
    Swift starts with the deep color and burnish that Barenia acquires, without the unevenness and the unavoidable darker handles. It is pre-patiniaed :smile:.

  15. :roflmfao: