Is a 25cm Birkin "too small"?

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  1. I was looking on ebay through the sellers that seem reputable (thanks for the list from greentea posted on another thread). What do you all think about a 25 cm Birkin? The reason I'm asking about the 25 cm Birkin is that on ebay there's a color I love... I just don't want the size to be too small. I want to be able to fit daily things in it... wallet, keys, phone, lipstick.

    I was at the Hermes store a couple of days ago and held a 30 cm Kelly and the mini Kelly. The 30 cm Kelly seemed like a good size because I'm petite (5'0"). The mini Kelly was too small.

    Any advice?
  2. Hi! The 25 is veeeeery tiny and has a precious look to it. More formal than what you'd normally associate with a Birkin (larger, casual even slouchy tote.) I think of it more as a bag to use at a fancy lunch or wedding or even for evening if it were black box leather.
    You may be able to fit those things in it, if the wallet were small.
    If you are used to small bags, it may be perfect for you. IMO, I feel that the Birkin 30 is a winner! :smile:

    Just to help you with size proportions, there are no 30cm Kelly bags. You either held a Kelly 28 or 32cm. The mini Kelly is a 20 cm. So, a B 25 would be between the Kelly 20 and 28.
  3. Personally, I do think 25cm birkin is too small. It all depends on what stuff you want to put in. If you're thinking of putting in your work documents and etc, then 25cm birkin is very small. But if you're just putting stuff like wallets, phone, keys......the essentials, then 25cm is quite okay. It can be carried from day to night. For me, I prefer size 30cm. It's just the right size and many ladies here prefer that size.
  4. Just asking, may I know what's the color of the birkin that you saw?? From which seller??
  5. Thanks for correcting the Kelly size, greentea... it was probably a 32 cm Kelly I held.

    The color I'm looking at is the chocolate brown/cyclamen from luxwear.
  6. Okey-dokey! :smile: I love that choco brown/cyclamen combo, though!!
    If you held a 32 Kelly, the 25 Birkin is going to look and feel WAY smaller. A 32 Kelly is quite large.
    HTH and keep us posted!
  7. I just officially held a 25 cm chocolate brown ostrich in my hand.. It's my mom's... She's very petite and it's perfect for her. She told me she bought it coz she can go to formal event with it.
  8. Oops.. I think it's not 25 cm.. I just realized its too small.. hahaha.. I want to get a ruler to measure it.. but I'm afraid that my mom will think I'm wierd and obsessed with bag.. =) I think it's 30 cm.. I just officially measured it with a ruler LOL...
  9. Yes a 25 is too small. 30 just about fits a hardcover novel and if you need to carry some 8.5x 11 documents you need to fold them in half (you might want to run some errands that require you to carry such items).
  10. That choco brown cyclamen is what I have in size 30. I am so glad I bought it from Hermes! Love to brag about it.:P
  11. And you SHOULD brag, It's TDF!!
  12. Just to give you a point of reference so you don't make a very expensive mistake (I know you will have a very hard time returning the bag if it's too small for you), here are some photos with stuff in my 30 birkin. On a typical day, you might want to carry a cell phone, a wallet, a small bottle of water, some mints and a book, and some receipts (typical girl stuff). As you can see, the bag is stuffed to its limit, so a 25 would be too small.

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  13. Ooh! Lovely! I'd love to see pictures of your chocolate/cyclamen Birkin when it's closed with the strap.
  14. I say too small as well :sad: At least for an everyday bag.