Is a $200+ haircut justifiable

  1. I was watching this reality tv show in about 2 stylist from different regions traded places. Sorry, I forgot what the show's name is. One is usually from a small town and the other one is from LA or NYC. The one in the big cities are usually the snotty/conceited person that usually charges $200+ for a cut & style. They justify that their style and technique is better, because of blah, blah, blah... I try to anyalize their finish product on clients, but still can't figure out why it cost that much. From watching the show, I even feel intimidated by their behaviors. The stylist from a small town does just as a good job too & charges a fraction of the price. Are people so caught up in image to be spending that much on a haircut?

    I usually go to a local "hip" salon & I still wonder why they charge $30 plus tips for a haircut and it usually takes less than 20 minutes.

    How much are you willing (or have spent) on on haircut & style?
  2. I usually get my hair highlighted and cut and would cost me about 200 the cut alone is 50.00 even if it is just a trim. im in San Jose, CA

    I recently decdied to stop highlighting and did an at home dye job that i made DF help me. so i saved myself 190 bucks :smile: i have had my hair highlighted for many years so it was wierd with just plain ole Dark brown.
  3. I personally don't think so.
  4. I've paid almost $200 for haircut, color, & straightening.
    It was worth it to me. Never had so much compliments on just my hair.
    But I got tired of the whole process. So, now my hair is just cut
    shoulder length, natural color & it only cost me $10 plus tip but no compliments at all.
  5. I use to get my hair hilighted/cut/style for $90, but it was damaging to my hair. Now I only get my haircut every 2 months and died my hair back to its natural color. $200 for hilight & cut is okay & justifiable, but I'm talking about $200+ for only a haircut.

    I read awhile back in the magazine that this well known stylist in NYC only do haircuts 3 hours a day & no weekends. He charges around $400 a haircut & his clients are on a long waiting list. How outrageous is that! Wow, I should have became a hair stylist instead, hehehe.
  6. I usually pay around $75 for a haircut and $175 for a full hilite/lowlite. Sometimes my stylist has mercy on me and just charges me $200 for both if she is feeling generous :p
  7. Wow, I guess I shouldn't complain about my $30 haircut & $90 hilite, hehehe.
  8. I've paid up to $200 for a damn haircut (and I say damn, because i didnt find out the price till it was over)

    now, I just go for a trim. its cheaper to let it grow.
  9. Part of this depends on where in the country you live. I mean if you were a great stylist in a major city you might go to a better salon because you'd get paid alot more + bigger tips. I don't know what my most expensive haircut was but I'd have no problem paying that for amazing hair.
  10. In the Philadelphia area, you can pay up to 300. for a haircut alone at some places. To me, in a metropolitan area such as this, that is just stupid. There are so many great places and stylists with just as much experience who only charge 30-50 a cut. Here it's all in the name of the salon or which one was highlighted in the local magazines. It's bogus. I pay 38. for a cut and then 30 for a single process dye every 8 weeks. Since highlights are on a down slope here (yay-nothing has ever looked as silly to me as blonde streaks in dark hair - which doesn't even happen naturally in the sun...isn't that the point of highlights?) and those prices are at a good salon and my girl has 15 years of experience and always does what I want. I can see spending up to 200 for full service everything but not for a cut alone.
  11. It really depends on the location. I live in a city, so salons charge more. The woman who cuts my hair now charges $95 for a cut (but she charges me a little less, $85, because I've been going to her for so long). My tint is $90, but if I were to get highlights it would be $175.

    On the opposite end of the spectrum, I can get a mani/pedi for $25 at the cheaper salons, but I go to one closer to my place for $43.
  12. I live in NYC and go to a high end salon and have paid $400 for color and cut not including tips. I have tried going to other places, but it's not the same to me. My hairdresser from my place left and it still wasn't the same. I followed him to his new place which in fact, is less expensive but not much. I am more about a good hairdresser than the price. I also get blow outs twice a week at $75 a pop. Though the GHD has made me go less frequently for blowouts.
  13. Like what the others have said, I think it is more costly--and justifiably so--for haircuts in metropolitan areas. It's more expensive for materials and space.

    I'm in SF, and a haircut with my stylist is $90-100. I like going to her and because she always give me fantastic cuts (and it's close to my apt.) Bang trims are free though:yahoo: and I probably see her every 10-12 weeks for a full cut with a bang trim squeezed in between the cut appointments. I think what she charges is comparable since I get my hair washed, cut, and blow dry for the full hour. My bf goes to her too, and he pays $50 because he's a guy and has an easier cut.
  14. Did it look like a $200 haircut?:wtf: Also, did you have to tip 15-20%, hehehe.
  15. no way.... I pay $50