Is $895 a good price for a used classic Jumbo flap?

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  1. Hi all. I need some advice. I'm not usually in this forum but I'm vacationing in Florida and went to a high end consignment shop a couple of days ago and spotted a beautiful Chanel. I asked the sales associate how much the bag was. She called it a classic Jumbo Flap, it's black lambskin and it looks like almost brand new condition except a flaw on the lining. It almost looks like it was glued along the inside pocket. She (the associate) told me that they called the Chanel boutique about getting the lining replaced but they advised them not to because they would loose the code inside. The code and card numbers match and it comes with a dustbag. What are your thoughts? I have until this weekend to decide (if it's still there). Thanks!
  2. If you have time, have a browse on ebay, as that will give you a really good idea of what vintage goes for. 895 sounds like a great deal, but without being able to see the condition, obviously its hard to say!

    Its great that the auth card is still included. Does the consignment store guarantee authenticity?
  3. Hi Chloe-Babe. I did check out e-bay and it does seem like a great price although I don't think the bags on e-bay had any flaws. I'm 99.9% sure that this along with the other bags/clothes in this store are authentic so I'm not at all worried about authenticity. The only thing that concerned me was the lining. If you saw just the outside of the bag you would think it was brand new. Other than the flaw in the lining, the rest of the lining wasn't bad. The associate told me that this bag new is $3,000 but I don't know if she was talking about that particular one or the new ones. If I do buy this it will be a keeper because I don't have the funds to buy Chanel for retail and so this is probably my only chance to own such a classic bag. If I'm lucky enough and the bag is still there when I go back I will more than likely buy it because it's such a good price and I'll post some pics then. Thanks for your help! :smile:
  4. Great deal!! You can always have the lining fixed and I so want to say that if there is a will, there's a way to keep the sticker. You might make sure that is added to the repair ticket. One has to be precise in what you want done when a bag goes to repair. There's no guarantee but if you specify what you want done, then one would hope the instructions will be followed.
  5. $895 for a Authentic Jumbo? greatesttttt deal!!! I dont mind flaws in the bag but it has to be authentic.
  6. Thanks Vastare, I just need a little convincing. I kind of already decided but your comments helped! The bag is definitely authentic. :smile:
  7. are you 100% sure of the authenticity? I've been in consignment shops in boca and palm beach where the women swore the bags were authentic and they were not. Just because it has the matching cards and numbers inside does not mean it's authentic.

    I'd ask about returns and then take pics to have the bag authenticated here.
  8. i agree with epm, it sounds a little too good to be true. don't mean to rain on your parade but i think it's better to be safe than sorry!
  9. it does sound too good to be true but i would need to see pics to give any kind of real opinion.
  10. Well, yes and no (about sounding too good to be true) because they also had a pair of Chanel shoes that I bought at a consignment store back home that I paid $45 for and they were there for about $400. I don't know how I'd get to take pictures unless I buy it?? If you went in this store, you would see that everything is authentic. All of the 'nicer' things were safe behind the counter, which is where the Chanel was. I know I don't own a Chanel, but I'm not that naive when it comes to telling the difference between a good knockoff (which I have seen up close) and authentic. Even a good knockoff has bad stitching and workmanship. Sometimes you can tell just by touching a bag. The serial # was in the lower left side of the bag as you open it, the lining was a maroon-ish color and the dustbag was black if I remember correctly. The authenticity card was inside as well. Aside from taking pictures, is there anything I should ask? Thanks again. :smile:
  11. i think epm meant asking if once you purchased it, if you could make returns. once you purchase it, bring it home, take some pictures and have the ladies at authenticate this take a look for some peace of mind.
  12. ^^ Ahh....ok. I will ask them about returns. How much should we bet that when I go back it will be gone!!! I have to wait 2 more days to get it -I have direct deposit on Weds. and I will have the extra funds then. So I'll keep my fingers crossed!! If it's gone there were a few other bags that caught my eye: an MJ quilted bowler, an LV croissant (med), an LV Babylone and and LV Noe. I really want that Chanel though!! Thanks again :smile:
  13. It sounds like a great deal and beautiful bag, good luck, post pic's after you get it!!!
  14. be careful with the return policy. in my experience, every consignment/ resale shop i've looked into has a no-return policy so it has always made me a little hesitant to make any impulse buys. it sounds like a wonderful deal though!
  15. I know what you mean StephC. Funny my BFF's name is Steph and her last name starts with a C so I thought you were her coming here to tell me 'don't do it'! LOL. Before I go and spend so much $$ I will ask them about authenticity/returns, etc. It is a lot of money to part with-I could pay off a bill with that!