is 866 allowed to...

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  1. Tell you when your package is expected to be delivered??

    I called last week and was told it should be here monday 11th, which is today.

    I called 866 and she put me on hold for entirely too long, approx 15mins and says she needs to contact the shipping dept at the store?

    dont they have the tracking number available to them? I know for security reasons they cannot give the customer the tracking info, but surely they have it at there disposal and can tell customers when the item is expected to arrive. I cant stay home all day this week waiting for the package. :sad:
  2. I can see why they don't have it given that the stores handle the shipping separately. I can see a situation where an LV boutique in say Bloomies on 58th St. might use the Bloomie's shipping provider, i.e. FedEx but the same LV boutique in Macy's on 34th might use DHL.

    I guess that seems to be just a gray area for 1-866. I'm sure it's on its way though. If anything, a notice will be left on your door and then you can go and fetch it at their local depot.

    I also understand the anxiety of waiting! :lol: I've been there a gazillion times!
  3. let us know when it arrives
  4. 866 are the most annoying bunch of people. I still didnt get my things yesterday. The store called me last night, didnt leave a mmsg, I redialed the # and no one answers. I call 866 and she puts me on hold for 5 mins, comes back to tell me she will have someone at the sf shipping area call me in 10 mins- that was 45mins ago. How hard is it to go to and type in the damn trackin number and tell me where the hell the box is?? thats why i hate fedex ground. I live 45mins from downtown san francisco and we are going on 7 days (5 bussiness days) since this box apparently shipped.
    no wonder i left lv.
  5. Don't tell me about 1866. I have my own issues with those people.
  6. I started a thread about CR and there issues, it's nice to know that I wasn't the only having issues with them.

    they LIED to me. Last tuesday I called to inquire about a charge on my CC, turns out it was for a gold speedy. Fine-ok. Inquired about when it was shipping, was told it had SHIPPED tuesday. Called them yest because no speedy. Surely, living 45mins from where it had been shipped I would have had it by now? I got a call this AM from SF saying fedex is delivering it came, i checked the box and it reads "standard overnight" the label reads it was SHIPPED YESTERDAY 12/11/2006, not LAST tuesday like I was told 3x!!! im furious as to why they LIED, did they have my bag on display for others to fondle and bought time to send to me? why tell me the bag was sent fedex ground a week ago, when it was clearly sent overnight?

    im really annoyed, should I call 866 and demand my shipping charge refunded?

    The gold speedy is alright, better in person vs. pics....still too blingy too considering holding onto it just because......or selling it....or taking it back, im torn!
  8. yes, do let us know when it arrives!
  9. I think it's already here.

    Yes, I think you should call and demand a refund of shipping fees! :cursing:
  10. It's at least worth a shot, besides when you pay that much for a bag and shipping, you should get ultimate satisfaction :yes: