is 785 a good price for a used caramel twiggy?

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  1. is that a good price or too much? thanks so much!
  2. I definately think the price is good - anyone?
  3. Sounds like a great price, but it really depends on the condition. If it's in good condition, I would say the price is very fair!
  4. the corners show some light wear and handles has darken.....
  5. Its a fair price.
  6. I think it is a good price also :yes:
  7. I think its a fair price. I think argile is going to be pretty similar, so if you want one in perfect condition, you can get a twiggy in argile instead.
  8. I think it's an OK price too:yes:
  9. I think that's a fair price, but just like circoit says maybe you can hold out for a brand new Argile Twiggy if the wear on the pre-loved Caramel is bothering you...
  10. For me it would depend on HOW dark the handles are, but the price seems good to me.
  11. I think it depends on the condition of the handles, exterior in general, and how much usage it has gotten. There are some "deals" on eBay for authentic bbags in VERY poor condition that aren't even worth $500 IMO :shrugs: If the bag is indeed in good condition, I think $785 is a fair price..
  12. If the handles are noticably darker, I think I would try to find a new f/w '06 caramel or wait for sandstone.
  13. Hi Ladies, thanks for all your input. it's too late I have bought it already......I can't stand it anymore.....i just have to have it! will post pics once I get it.........Thanks again!
  14. can't wait for the pics