is 770 (total) a good deal for

  1. the shoulder bag...also call the Day???

    brand new...
  2. yeah i think its a good deal... the original price is usually over $1000 US right???
    what colour is it???
  3. ^^ ditto
  4. like blue
  5. The day bag retails at $995 as HelenZ said, so I think $770 is not a bad price. What color is it?
  6. yes it retails 995 so if it's real I'd say it's a great deal!
  7. Sounds pretty darn good to me. The color is???
  8. light blue is the color.. they have the white too.. price is acutally 525 euros plus 65 euros shipping :sad:

    i was acutally wanting the twiggy in white they have too... price is 580 euros...

    so if i add those 2, will be 1500 for both... is that good?
  9. Are you certain they are authentic? Do you have pics that you could post?
  10. Hmm... it sounds a bit low to me, are they new or used? When you said $770, I was assuming that it was for a used bag. $1500 for 2 new bags (Day/Twiggy) style will make me a bit suspect. I would be sure that you're getting the real deal. If so, then it's a terrific price.
  11. yes they are...I didn't realize they had such great prices!
  12. Uhm... that's in english pounds, not euros... unless I'm missing something...
  13. I think their prices are more than US...I looked into the magenta first. Their prices are in GBP not euros I believe.
  14. Exchange rate for 1 English Pound is 1.47 Euros. So the 525 Lb translates to 989 dollars.