is $560 a good price for a new baby stam?

  1. please help me decide? many thanks
  2. It depends on a lot of factors. Most importantly is it authentic? If so, is it new with tags? What season is it from? What color is it? Does it have any marks, rips, tears, scuffs, stains, or other damage?
  3. i think it is brand new, from
    i used the thankyou code, so the total comes to 557, free shipping and no tax
  4. Oh ok, sorry! In that case I would definitely go for it!! What color are you considering?
  5. they only have black
    thanks for your input, this will be my first mj bag....i'm so excited!
  6. Great choice! Don't forget to post pics when she arrives! :smile:
  7. I agree, great deal for authentic baby stam. Congrats!!
  8. thanks for your support. I just check the tracking, she will be here on Friday.....I'm SOOOOO Excited!
  9. Did you get the bag yet? Would love to see pics!