Is $500 a good price for a LV Speedy 30?

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  1. There is a lady selling a LV Speedy 30 for $500 with the receipt, she says you can take it back to LV and exchange it for something else $650 or greater. Is that worth it or would it be better to keep the bag? It's a local sale so I could pick it up, take it right to a store and make sure it's authentic.
  2. I don't understand any of this.
  3. im not sure if your alking about a ebay auction but if you are or if it's someone in your area i would not buy it for $500 thats a lot for a bag that isn't brand you...i would just put in the extra $$$ and get a new one directly from LV
  4. If she told you that you can exchange it for somethign worth up to $650 at the LV store does that mean that it is brand new? In that case it is a good deal...but why doesn't she just go exchange it herself?
  5. Too suspicious. I would just pay the extra $ and buy the LV from the store. Why wouldn't she just exchange it herself? $500 is not a good deal for a used LV.
  6. Sounds fishy to me.
  7. I don't think they will give her cash back, only an exchange. She wants cash. No, it's not an Ebay auction just a classified ad. Here is how she worded it:

    I have brand new:
    Key& Change Holder $160 I would take $100
    Speedy 30 $650 I would take $500 this purse comes with the receipt and can be exchanged for something of equal or greater value.
    So you would gain and extra $150 by purchasing from me. You can go to the website to double check or get a look at the items.
    Hate to let them go but I am not using them!
  8. does LV give a store credit? (I'm not LV lover so I don't know) If so, convince her to return the bag for the credit and buy $650 credt for $500
  9. In the SF store you can only get store credit, and that's only within 14 days of the sale. I also agree that you'd be better off buying new or on eBay (get anything authenticated on the boards first).
  10. If I were you, since it is a local deal I would make her go with you to the store and make sure this deal is legit. If it is legit and you can exchange it for something else worth $650. Then it is a really good deal. If she is not willing to go with you that should tell you something about the deal.
  11. ^I agree!
  12. Good idea!
  13. I can't imagine doing something like that...
  14. I think you should ask her when the purchase was made because the bag can only be returned for a store credit/exchange if it's still within the "return period". I think the return period is within 30 days after purchase but please check with the ladies in the LV forum. Hope this helps.
  15. Be careful it sounds a bit fishy...