Is $500.00 a good price for a large Pewter Botkier Sasha

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  1. I actually already own it but I like to torture myself by wondering if I could have gotten it cheaper elsewhere. Do you think $500 is a good price for the bag? I have a brown Sasha which I paid $510 for, and at the time I thought it was a really good deal. Now, however, I have learned on tpf that there almost always is a deal to be found! Do you think I could have gotten it cheaper elsewhere? LOL, I know I'm being a dork!

    Also, since I dont want to make a whole new post, and since I am already talking about Pewter bags, what do you guys think of this Kooba Elisha in Pewter? I snagged the picture from eBay
    (not my auction!) and although I am by no means a Kooba expert (or even close to it!) I think that for how much it is going for ($299!) is a good deal! The seller always seems to get PHENOMENAL deals on bags. I wonder how she can get her stuff so cheap? Oh well, so what do you guys think? I kind of like both!

    Any thoughts are appreciated!
    0411892928370_275x275.jpg kooba.pewter.elisha1.jpg
  2. I paid 440$ for my chocolate sasha so I guess 500$ is an ok price for the pewter but my experience is if you wait you usually get the better deal especially on eBay.
  3. The pewter Elisha looks beautiful, and is a great deal for a starting price. I have no personal experience with that seller, but she does always seem to have great stuff. If you have any authenticity questions on Kooba, try here - The Kooba girls are super helpful!

    As for the Sasha, I think $500 is a good deal for a large Sasha duffle in a new color. It's more than 25% off, which is going to be pretty good for most online retailers even with coupons. Undoubtedly there will be others available for less at some point, but it will take a little while in a new color.
  4. Oh GUNG don't torture yourself! For mnay brands there's always a possibility for getting it for less. But whenever I see something on sale for less than what I paid for it, I tell myself that the difference is the "price" of having it, using it, and LOVING it that much sooner.
  5. I know how you feel GUNG! I do that to myself often also! $500 sounds like a good price, but you see it often. Maybe if you hold out a little more, better deals will be found. Try Shopbop...there's a code floating around somewhere.
  6. i think 500 is a good deal for a authentic sasha. arent those bags like almost 800.00? beseides,its the special edition and those arent easy to get! nice bag too.......
  7. I've checked out the link to the Kooba auction and it looks legit. Feedback is good and what I tend to look for is commentary from a purchaser stating they got an authentic article.

    Good pics, good seller (around for a couple of years). I say GO FOR IT!!!

    I've seen the Elisha pewter at Neiman's and it's beautiful.
  8. HOLY WOW!!!!!! what a price its too flashy for me but i adore my black sasha duffle! someone snatch it up! :smile: