Is $475 a good price for a brand new pale

  1. pink shoulder?? I put in the offer on eBay and it was accepted from a tpfer I am nervous now..TIA
  2. yeah it seems good to me
    Pale pink is so pretty
  3. I think it is. They retail for around $699 I think.
  4. That price is a great deal. Go for it and be happy!
  5. great price
  6. bargain!
  7. that one looks really good too. Be careful to not rub it against any other deep colors (like brand new bluejeans) - or a saturated dyed something - and keep it from UV rays. If your windows are tinted against uv rays it'll be ok - but if not, put it in the shade.

  8. Congrats on that Pale Pink Shoulder! I had my eye on it, but I REALLY have to get serious about the purse ban. :banned: Do post pics when you get her, okay?
  9. YES! It's a great deal. Under retail and gorgeous.
  10. woo hoo then..I didn't know they were that much!! I feel good about it..I can't wait:smile::smile: The seller is really nice..
  11. Sagranch, congratulations on your new handbag!! Great price!

    If it is mint condition, you really should look into treating it. Kat has a pale pink purse (?) that she treated with Apple Garde (I believe, you may want to PM her) that looks pale pink and just stunning. A lot of other pale pinks got quite yellow, hers is still that pristine pale pink colour.

    Congrats again!

    I wish you well,