Is $446 a good price to get the black Brynne?

  1. :drool: I really want a black brynne, but is $446 a good deal from NM? Thanks!
  2. If you would consider a brynne in auburn, has them on sale for $297, but the blacks are gone. I haven't seen a black one anywhere else lately (e-bay or any of the other kooba haunts), but maybe someone else has....
  3. I got my black Brynne for $416, but it was the last one on the Kooba site. I haven't seen any pop up on e-bay recently. So, you might call around to some Off-5th locations to see if they have any. Otherwise, that may be the best you can do right now. I do think its worth it though. I LOVE mine and you will too!!
  4. Hi Husky, I have the Brynne in auburn and love her a lot, now I want a black one very bad. I checked eBay and other online shop, seems like only NM or BG carry them, so maybe.....I don't know:biggrin:
  5. $446 isn't a bad price, but I don't think it's the best price you could find. It's all about how bad you want the bag and what you think it is worth.

    If you buy from NM at least you know you without a doubt that you will receive an authentic bag.

    I also think the black Brynne will be higher priced on eBay (at least for a while) because of all the photos that have been circulating of Hayden Panettiere carrying it.
  6. I know that Haydon Chick wears alot of Koobas. Do you think The Haydon clutch was named for her. Kinda like the Scarlett Johanson and the Sienna Miller?
  7. I wanna know when they are going to make the 'Lexie'...

    Surely you deserve it as you must be Kooba's best customer. :p
  8. Well, IF made a Lexi and it was a goofy thing called the Little Bo Peep Lexi.


    And Gryson has a Lexi...


    I'm not pleased with either so if Kooba adds an "E" and comes up with something cute, then I'll accept the honors...LOL
  9. I just love the Brynne. It is very sexy, in my opinion. And, from what I can see from the prices of the Fall line, I would say that the Brynne at $460 is a great price.
  10. Yes, Rose, I LOVE the Brynne myself, and I actually ordered it from Bergdorf Goodman, seems like they're the only place to have the black Brynne now. I will post pics when I receive it;);)
  11. lovekoobalv......good for you! I know I speak for a whole group when I say I can't wait for pictures. Can you model one for us for size comparison? Thanks so much, lucky.......
  12. Sure I will, I should get it around Jul 12.:p
  13. There are some pics of my Brynne in the "Pictures of your Koobas" thread, and there is also a separate thread I believe of Halzer's Brynne, possibly before and after her vaseline treatment of it! Do a search for that thread and you'll find it right away. (I mean how many threads can there be with the words "Brynne" and "vaseline" in them? :smile:
  14. youngster, I want a black Brynne so bad after I saw Starbite's pics. I also saw Halzer's creative way to beautifully aged her camel Brynne! How cute but I dare not myself:graucho:
  15. You'll love the Brynne in black. It's a great bag; I've been using it a lot. Fortunately, the black color needs no "enhancement". That Halzer is one brave lady, and if I remember the story correctly, she later traded that particular Brynne to another gal for a carpet shampooer! That still makes me giggle!!