Is $3500 crazy to spend on Chihuahua?


How much would you spend on a Chi puppy?

  1. Skys the limit, no price on puppy love

  2. Not over $500

  3. Not over $1500

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  1. I got the finally OK from BF to adopt a third Chi. I looked at every chi being sold on as well as over 30 pages of pups on I have found the perfect puppy, so adorable and should mature under 3.5 pounds. Now the breader states, she breeds "Healthy and Much Loved, exotic, pure bred and designer puppies". I am getting the second smallest in the litter, is there anything I should worry about? Puppy comes with 2 year health warranty. I know alot of people advertise pocket pets, tea cup, designer pets and so on just to charge crazy prices.

    More than the price, I just feel in love with the puppies face. I am not one to go on price but rather the instant feeling I get at first sight.

    How much is toooo much to charge for Chi pups?
  2. That's alot of money....
  3. Hey girl, I know I already sent you a massive PM and I will say it here too.....that is a huge amount of money for what has already been advertised on their website as a "designer dog." The pup is, in reality, the runt of the litter even if she is beautiful and super cute. I saw the puppy and she is soooooo tiny she almost does not look like a dog.

    These breeders are marketing the whole "Hollywood" hype of needing to have the smallest dog on the planet and it is obvious because the dog is $3500 and their other pups are in a decent price range of $700-$1700 for dogs that will be in a normal/healthy size range of 4-5 pounds as adults. Even if they offer a "health guarantee" which most reputable breeders will, it only means they will give you a new puppy if your dies within the 2 year timeframe. Is this really worth having your heart broken over? A new puppy will never replace the loss in your heart.

    If you have the money to spend, that is not the issue, it is more of can you handle it if something happens to the dog and if it has congenital defects from being so small.

    If you are firm on getting a dog from this particular breeder, I would get one that is more "normal." There is so much documented evidence that these "tinies" just don't live as long and have MAJOR health problems. It is just not worth it to me. I wish you nothing but the best in whatever you decide :smile:
  4. My Chi's: First one paid $650
    Second one paid $1600

    Now the third one I am looking at is priced at $3500.
  5. Hey, if you've got the money, why not?

    I'm not familiar with puppies and their pricing, why is the price continuing to go up?
  6. Pricing goes by: color, markings, size, show potential ect. I don't know why my doggie prices keep going up. The price for me is the last think I look at. I go for instant connection I feel when I see a pups picture.
  7. First off, congrats on an upcoming new fur baby. :smile:

    I think the $3500 is a bit unreasonable considering the likelihood of high vet bills for a dog that small. Also, the way the breeder describes themselves, I'd have to question if they are reputable. "exotic" and "designer" generally make me suspicious when talking about puppies, but I am borderline paranoid when it comes to breeders (I've always rescued to guarantee I am NOT supporting a puppy mill). I know there are some ladies here that work with rescues that would know more about what to look at for the breeder.

    Another option is rescue. There are so many Chis in need of rescuing, you will probably find a great one for way less than $3500. I'm not sure about Chis, but generally, I have heard that teacup animals are notorious for having a lot of health problems. I don't know what size a Chi starts being considered "teacup" to anyone marketing it, but in case this size is, I thought I'd mention it. This article: seems to bring up some of what can go wrong.
  8. I didn't know Chi's (or any dog for that matter) were that much money. My Chi was $350 and he came with a 2 year health warranty and he was CKC registered. Personally, I think that is too much money...but if money is no object to you, go for it!!
  9. Mariah was $375.00, I would never EVER pay more than $500.00 for a Chihuahua, especially one that may have health issues from being so small.
  10. rothjess: Thank you for the article.

    I have gone down the rescue route before and hate to say it but would not do it again, at least at this time. The chi I adopted Daisy (the one pet sitter let out) which I love to pieces just has so many issues. She barks like crazy at every little noise, is scared of men, hair loss issues and much much much more. I do feel bad buying a dog when there are so many dogs which need a good home, but I prefer to make donations and do volunteer work instead of adopting.
  11. Puppy will also be AKC registered if that matters?
  12. I think its better to rescue a chi. There are lots of great lil' babies needing homes.
  13. It really does seem like a lot of money. The most expensive dogs I have heard to purchase are English bulldogs and that is $2000 and up, but a lot of that cost is in the delivery because they are mostly born by c-section. There may be rare breeds that are also expensive. But for a Chi that does seem to be too much. Have you really checked out the breeder? I totally understand falling in love with the face!! I did with my pup. You will make the right decision for you, just don't rush into it. Good Luck!
  14. IMO way too much to spend on a chi. There are way too many pups out there for way less that are just as cute. From what you stated that the breeder had on her page, I just dont like the wording she used to describe her pets. Exotic and Designer are red flags for me. Sounds to me like she is jacking up the price for a runt puppy that will surely have health issues in the future. Poor thing. I would keep looking if it were me. Just my humble 2 cents.
  15. Before you buy this dog, please read this article:

    Responsible, ethical, reputable breeders do not advertise pups on websites like the ones you mentioned.
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