Is $316.80 a good deal for NWT Moni Moni Splendor?

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  1. I've been looking at this bag for a while now and it's available at this price in chocolate, caramel and black. Should I go for it?
    Moni Moni Splendor, Caramel.jpg
  2. I love that bag!! Never seen that before. Where can you get it??
  3. ^^^! Use code gretchen and also get free shipping.
  4. Just checked it out and I think it's a good deal. I like the color you posted and the chocolate one. Are you gonna get it??
  5. ^^^I ordered it in black. I hope I love it...
  6. The black is cute too!! Congrats!! Can't wait for pics : )
  7. Thanks Melissa, I'l post pics as soon as I get it but with UPS ground, It'll be awhile, LOL!
  8. I think it is a great price. I was kicking myself when I found them on the sale page at LunaBoston. I got my plum one from adasa at full price (stupid.. yes I know.. but I just wanted it so badly at the time to wait for a couopon... sure enough, a coupon for adasa soon came up after I bought it.. sigh). I am currently using it now and really really like it. Since it has the vintage washed look, I don't have to be extra careful with it. The washed leather is very very soft and the bag fits all my stuff. I would seriously consider getting another one in a different color with that price if I am not obssessed with Rebecca Minkoff bags right now. Some many fabulous bags, not enough arms and money.
  9. That a good price, and free shipping just sweetens the deal. I hope you love it. I've never owned one, but from what I understand, the washed leather on Moni Moni bags is sooooooo squishy!
  10. That looks like a great price! Cute bag!
  11. I wonder how this bag looks carried by the strap? I love shoulder bags but not sure if the handles are long enough to wear over the shoulder comfortably, especially with a winter coat. Anyone know?

  12. :yes: the leather is lovely :drool:
  13. Is $316.80 after using code GRECHEN? Can you use the code with a sale item? When I looked on Lunaboston, I thought the price was $396? I'm so confused but it's a wonderful bag and I love the distressed look of it!
  14. The sale price is $396, I used the code and the final price was $316.80.
  15. Sorry, I misspelled GRECHEN, there is no T.