Is $30 insurance appropriate?

  1. I won a gucci bag from Singapore and never bought from an overseas seller...He's offering $30 shipping + $30 insurance. Is this about right? I won the bag for $278.50 shipped, plus insurance would be $308.50. It's a medium pink abbey hobo.
  2. Was the cost of shipping in the auction?

    For that high insurance cost he is declaring the bag to the full value so beware of taxes to be paid too!

    The best thing to do is to go on the singapore post website to check the prices for yourself. I think it is ems??
  3. It's stated in the auction $30 shipping to the U.S. So should I risk paying for it uninsured to avoid the possible taxes? The seller didn't mention any taxes...
  4. The seller does not need to mention anything about taxes as it is the buyers responsiblity! Everytime you buy internationally you need to figure out first how much tax you will be paying on top of your purchase!

    The seller is resonsible for insuring the item and the prices should be clearly stated in the listing. The seller is respnsible for the item until you recieve it, including if it goes missing and they have not sent it insured!

    When they fill in the customs slip they wil probally declare the value of the item for US tax!
  5. $30 shipping +$30 insurance + customs?

  6. What should I do then? Just pay the $30 shipping? He notes in the auction "Insurance and sales tax will be paid by buyer"
  7. He notes in the auction "Insurance and sales tax will be paid by buyer"

    If the seller has put that then they have already declared that you have to pay for the tax and insurance and have therefore covered themselves!
  8. Oh ****...How much am I looking at then?
  9. $308.50 + whatever customs tax your country charges!
  10. If you pay by Paypal, you're covered since signature confirmation is required for transactions over $250. If it gets lost and the seller did not insure it, the seller has to pay.

    I'd suggest you to skip it. I don't think $30 for insurance is reasonable.
  11. Thanks for the advice! Btw, what's the customs tax in the US?
  12. It shouldn't be much, maybe 6 - 9 %? You might or might not get a bill. So far my eBay purchases from overseas are intact and no bills.

    I got charged once for my wedding flowers, $22 for over $350, around 6%.
  13. Ok thanks. Hopefully there isn't any customs charge...
  14. if it does get lost, youre not at any risk as long as youre a confirmed buyer. insurance protects the seller, not the buyer. if it gets lost or whatever, just file for a dispute.