Is 2K a good price for a barely used Suhali Le Fab?

  1. I am eyeing an auction for a Suhali Le Fab BIN is $2k. Is this a good price for a used Suhali? Barely used (or so the auction says.)

    I am not as familiar with resale price of the Suhali line. I always buy my bags with the intent of keeping them forever, however, I do get fickle and change my mind now and then. :p

    So I like to buy bags at a good price, and that I could, if necessary get a decent price if a resale is necessary.
  2. Brand-new it's US$3700 without tax. So if it's authentic, great deal.
  3. good luck.
  4. Awesome price!
  5. yes it s a good deal. I have been trying to find one for 2k or under and I have found a few but they go so fast that I miss it. I saw a brand new le fab sell my a mypoupette and ALVA member for right under $1500. then I saw two other le fabs go for $1600 and $1900.

    So it IS possible to get a less expensive one but if you have the chance ot get one now I would go for it. Also you have to know the product and make sure its authentic

    The resale value on Suhali is not as good as other LV lines and many sellers know this and eventually lower their prices on the suhali bags. I am hoping to find my bag very soon:yes: Hope you do too. Good luck!!