is 26 too old to rock a rocker?

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  1. i am drooling over a navy blue/silver studded rocker.
    i'm a 26 year old mommy of 3.
    do you think i should stick to something "calmer" like a MAC?
    i just bought 3 of them off of bonanzle LOL (black cat soho w/ gunmetal, black croc patent w/ gold, and violet w/ gold) but i'm also looking at the rocker because i think they are super cool and i want something blue!
    opinions please?
  2. In my opinion you should get a Rocker too! 26 is not too old for Rocker.
  3. HECK no!
  4. Anyone can rock a ROCKER & you sure can @ 26!!!
  5. Rock it:yes: I'm older than that and I love 3 zip rockers!
  6. I am older than you and have a rocker! I love it for dinners out!
  7. #7 Feb 12, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2010
    No! I'll have 2 soon...
    I like the 3 zips myself over the studded ones and I remove the tassels..but that's just personal preference. They are great crossbody bags!! I'm not saying how old I
  8. No way are you too old for a Rocker!! I'm older than that and wouldn't think twice ;)
  9. heck no you are not too old!!! I am 36 with 3 kids and I would totally get a rocker if I wasnt such a MAB girl....i personally think RMs are great for any age....
  10. should get one anyway! I have 4 kids, but it's the perfect bag for running errands or when you just want to take a small wallet and few things....or just for nights out. Love it! When you go to school functions and are crammed in bleachers, this bag is the BEST!
  11. 26??? 26 is not too old for anything!!

    Accept a monogrammed Coach bag maybe :ninja:
  12. i know right?? I am so debating getting one or the MAC....I do need a smaller bag just to go out when I dont have the kiddies....I am just not sure if I want the MAC or the rocker...any thoughts on both??
  13. I'm 35, going into 36 soon, I have a 4 year old, but I love my purple 3 zip rocker, it's my go to bag right now! I like it with all the tassels attached.

    Like littlerock said, 26 is not too old for anything!!
  14. I have both rocker and mac. I guess it depends on how much you want to carry. I vote rocker, it's light weight and I like the leather strap for comforts sake. I do like using the mac with the chain strap for dressing up some though too. I don't think you could go wrong either way.
  15. haha, i hope not! i'm 25 but can see myself carrying my rocker for a long, long time. it's such a useful bag!