Is 25cm birkin worth the purchase?

  1. again, this is me planning for the summertime (refer to the raisin birkin thread i just started a few minutes back).

    i'm pondering getting a 25cm birkin for the summertime since i usually carry light & dress casual during those months. plus i run a lot of errands with my car so i don't need all the space i get with the 35 consistently.

    i guess comparing between the 30cm and the 25cm, how much can a 25cm hold? i think i saw in an older thread that it looked like a shrunken birkin. does it look that strange?
  2. S - did you get my PM?

    it is indeed a cute shrunken birkin. the 25 i own is a lizard, so it's a little stiffer. in togo or swift, it may be casual-looking and slouchy but it can pack more with ease.
  3. Not to me. For me to justify the price, I need to carry it very often, and a 25 cm is too small to carry often enough.
  4. I tried 25cm Birkin on at the store and it looks silly small on me. I don't think I'd be getting one any time soon (maybe as my 11th or 12th H bag). I can see myself using one as an evening bag but then I have too many small evening bags already (and not enough events in my life to carry them to :nuts:) to invest in another small one.
  5. I would say stay with the 30
  6. I think the 25 is too small to be truly useful and for me, I need the functionality to justify the expense...
  7. I'm almost 5'4, and I thought it looked adorable on me :p It's the perfect bag for an evening out or if you are going somewhere and you don't have to carry much with you. The bag is ridiculously cute in person (tried on a black one, nonexotic leather, $5,400). I think I could get my cell phone, small makeup case, small wallet, and glasses case in there with little problem! I don't think it is a bad investment at all.
  8. I agree with KB! Stick with the 30cm :smile:
  9. ^^^^ yes
  10. does anyone have a photo of the 25cm compared to a 30cm?
  11. The first time I saw a 25 someone else in the store was trying it on and it was so small I thought it was a Kelly from first (dismissive - it wasn't a colour I liked) glance.

    When I realised it was a 25 I had to try it too. And honestly, for all its cuteness and everything, it looks really daft on me. I'm 5'6" and the bag was too small to use for day without it looking like I stole it from a little girl, and too big and casual to use as an evening bag.
  12. I'm 5.5, and when I tried the 25 cm it looked too small on me...
    It could be nice for an evening bag, but then I would go for exotic leathers or Box...
  13. the 25cm is very very small and is hard to wear unless you are tiny.
  14. 30cm, BABYART. You'll use it more if it's to be your daily bag.........