Is 2006 Fall Rouge Vif available in London?

  1. Hey girls:yes:

    I'm saving money to buy 2006 Fall Rouge Vif city. It 's very hard not to spend money on clothes and shoes but i'm so determinant this time cuz i'm in love with this bag.

    The problem is my city has no bbags and i have to travel to London to get one. I wanna be sure that when i go there i can find one.

    Has anyone seen this bag in London and where?

    Thanks for all your help in advance.

    I'm desperate for new babag now.:hysteric:
  2. I don't know whether it's stocked but perhaps your best bet is to phone each store and ask them if they do? I think some stores would also send it to you if you mail order over the phone.

    Here's some stores that I know for certain that stock Balenciaga:

    Harvey Nichols London: 020 7235 5000
    Harvey Nichols Manchester: 0161 828 8888
    Harvey Nichols Leeds: 0113 204 8888

    Selfridges (London, Manchester Trafford, Birmingham): 08708 377 377

    Matches London: 020 7221 0255

    Browns: 020 7514 0016

    Koh Samui: 020 7240 4280

    HTH. :smile:
  3. Ohh thanks so much Blee. I hope i will get it somewhere.
  4. I remember seeing a rouge vif first in Harvey Nichols so maybe you should try there? Good luck!
  5. Harvey nicks and selfridges both have loads of new season b-bags. I saw the city, twiggy and first in rouge vif last weekend.
  6. gottagocouture- you saw the city in the rouge vif!!! What did you think?
  7. I'm wondering about that too ;) How was the leather?