Is $200 too much for a wristlet?

  1. Morning all,
    I wanted to get your opinion. I don't own any Coach - or any other higher end brand handbag actually so I'm not sure how to gage whether something is "worth it." I've just been waiting for something that I would love and wouldn't mind spending money on, and I think I found love in the new larger legacy wristlets from Coach, but I'm hesitant to buy because of the price or rather what else that same $200 could be used towards. At first, the price didn't phase me, but then I saw what the other Coach wristlets were going for ($100 and below). Also, Coach carries pouches and small shoulder bags for less than $200. Do you guys think this is a good purchase? Or should I save the money towards a another handbag purchase??? :confused1:
  2. save that money and buy something bigger
  3. I would rather have a Legacy swingpack for $200 or I would save the money and put towards something bigger. Maybe wait till PCE in September. :yes:
  4. i got this wristlet in the bordeaux color and it is totally worth $200. I would say if it is your first purchase, save the money and get yourself a purse.

  5. Yes totally get a purse first, then maybe a wristelt later at LESS then 200. ;)
  6. I'd rather get a small hobo for $200, you can fit stuff in it plus a water bottle. I could never spend $200 on a wristlet its so tiny and probably not that useful on a daily basis.
  7. I love this wristlet and I think it's worth the $200
  8. Me, too! I almost ordered it during the last PCE. I saw it again the other day at the boutique and it's just gorgeous. It's rather large for a "wristlet". It's so detailed, too. I think of it almost as a smaller sized purse. It's on my list for the next PCE!
  9. i'd say get a purse for $200. the legacy wristlet...its beautiful, but in my opinion not worth $200. i can go to the outlets and purchase a tote for under $200.
  10. I agree...get a bag first then add on with a cool wristlet (or two, or three...)
  11. Yeah I LOVE that wristlet... Almost got it during PCE.
  12. I agree - especially since its your first Coach purchase. :smile:
  13. I would pass. I would not pay $200 for a Coach wristlet. put that money towards a bag.
  14. For me, I think $200 is too much for a wristlet. It's cute, but I bet after it has been out there for some time, you could probably find it cheaper on eBay or perhaps at the outlet.
  15. It depends on how much use you'd get out of it. If you only need to carry a wristlet everyday because you don't carry a lot of stuff with you, then it might be a good purchase. If you carry a purse everyday, however, then it probably wouldn't be a good purchase because you wouldn't get very much use out of it, so the money would be wasted.

    Do you have any outlets near you? For $200 you can normally get at least a Soho Flap bag at one for that price.