Is $200 a good price for a gently used White MC Wapity?

  1. Please move this to the shopping forum if it's not the right place. I was thinking of purchasing a gently used White MC Wapity, and I was wondering if $200 was a good price. It retails for $360 new.
  2. Yes, its a good price!
  3. Yeah, I would think so, just make sure it's authentic.
  4. Thats almost 45% off so I would say thats a pretty good deal for a gently used wapity.
  5. Thanks ladies!
  6. Yep!!!
  7. definitely. it's so cute. get it.
  8. definately. i got my mono wapity for $160 at the time i think and it was hmm..last yr i think and it was pretty new
  9. yes! you are saving like 50% with tax!
  10. yep, sounds like a great price to me!
  11. yes thats a very good price.