Is £200 a fair deal for a Cerises pochette??

  1. Also, is £215 a good deal for a panda pochette or would i be getting ripped off? Both are immaculate.

    did the panda have a special dustbag like the red cerises ones or just normal?

    thanks for your help x xx
  2. I just paid $300 US shipped for a Cerises pochette. I looked for awhile and they really ranged from $250-$300 US for like new condition if you looked hard enough and waited long enough.

    Panda runs a bit higher just because it's more rare and I don't think it came with a special dust bag. I got mine for $332 US shipped, but have seen them go for higher.

    Hope this helps. I'm not sure what the current exchange ratre is so I can't comment if the deals you have found are good or not.
  3. that's probably fair if it is like-new.
  4. yes that is a good price, especially if its in good condition, I see them range from £150-£300, so I think you did good :smile: