is 2 many azur to much ?


Nov 1, 2010
my bf was nicely enough to grab a nvrfull azur mm from the shortage a s a gift for finishing my first yr in university
but i duno. . . i already have a speedy 30 in azur and now i dont kno if i should keep it or not ??
i love the nvrfullmm in azur but i just feel abit :confused1: 2 azurssssss... should i get another type first??? than run back to this whenever i can??

or should we refund it and save up for mayb a pre-used chanel classic flap? or should i exchange it for another rype of shoulder bag???

would love ur opinions thx !


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Dec 8, 2010
Definitely don't return it, that could hurt your boyfriend's feelings. The Neverfull and Speedy are two totally completely different bags, don't be thrown by the fact they are the same pattern :smile:


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Jan 24, 2010
I'm not a fan of the azur, but you should get what you love. If you prefer the azur over mono and ebene and if you good in the azur NF, then keeping it wouldn't be such a bad idea, esp. since it was a gift. :smile:

Also might depend on weather too? If you need an all-weather bag and you get lots of snow and rain, maybe you could consider the NF in ebene for functionality.
Nov 30, 2010
I wouldn't return it if he's sensitive about these things. But if he really wants to make you happy by getting you what you really want, then I would say to exchange it for another bag you want. Damier Ebene is wonderful for winter. You can always use your azur for summer when there isn't the threat of rain.


Dec 18, 2010
I think it really depends on personal preference. I bought two and my only two louis vuitton purses this christmas period and one's mono and the other's damier. I know there are people out there who have 20 different items all in the same print. But for me, i would not want to have 20 items of the same print, i like variety.

As you can read, i bought two of different prints. But i mean if you like the azur enough then go for both in azur.

As for the chanel bag, i think if i ever purchased my first chanel bag, i would want it to be new. Especialy since i feel like unless you're an expert yourself, if you order if off the net, you can never tell if what you actually get is what was actually in the pictures.
Dec 10, 2010
San Jose, Ca.
i think if your bf bought you that to congratulate you he'd want you to be happy with whatever you really want. and two bags in the same print is not a bad thing.


May 3, 2008
Manhattan, New York
i would return not because of the 2 azur issue, but because i personally don't like the nf in azur. i love nf and i love azur, but not together! i much prefer nf in mono or ebene. if it were me, i would definitely exchange for one of those.

yes, i realize that it's a gift, but i think it's much worse to keep a gift and not use it as much than it is to exchange it for something you'll really like and therefore get a lot of use out of. i've learned from experience that DBF is much happier when i can have something that i love and use very often, than holding on to something that he picked out originally but i don't like as much.
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