Is 2 black classic Chanel bags too much?

What should I do?

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Jul 29, 2019
Bay Area, CA
Hello ladies,

For the last year or so, I’ve been building my Chanel collection while also spacing out how much to spend on a bag. My husband got me my first black classic flap med with gold hardware, and I absolutely love it. After so many reviews on here and via YouTube on how lambskin is a bad idea for a first bag, I opted for the caviar instead. At the time, I also thought that I’d only get just 1 Chanel bag for the rest of my life and might as well get caviar since it’s more durable. After adding a few more bags to my collection, I‘m starting to like lambskin more and more since it’s so luxurious and feels a little bit more quintessential Chanel to me. I feel that I have enough bags in my collection to rotate. I also have other non-Chanel bags like YSL and LV. For lambskin, I’m leaning towards small size because I think it’s super cute size and it’s small enough that I can “protect” it while wearing it (bumping into people and things). I’m considering the following options:

1) sell my caviar med bag GHW and buy a small black lambskin GHW — because they are similar bags?
2) keep my caviar new bag because husband got it for me so it’s a bit sentimental and get a lambskin bag — it’s okay to have more than 1 black bag

A few things to note:
1) I think maybe 4-5 is a perfect number of Chanel bags in my collection. 5 max.
2) Considering a pink mini to my collection as a 5th bag.
3) I’m dead set on classic flaps (no boys, trendy cc, etc).
4) my husband does not seem to care if I replace the bag he got for me, as long as I’m happy with the bag. He does prefer caviar more since it’s more durable and thinks that it has more function/more wear out of it... but he’s not the one wearing it :P
5) I baby all of my bags.

Current collection:
Black Med/Large Caviar with GHW
Beige Clair Jumbo Caviar with GHW
20S White Small Caviar with LGHW
20S Red Med/Large Lambskin with LGHW

Any help is appreciated!!




Jan 2, 2020
Is your heart set on black? I personally wouldn't have a black M/L and a black small CF even if one was caviar and one was lambskin because they serve the same purpose. Chanel comes out with some fabulous seasonal colors that the lambskin picks up beautifully, so I'd say wait for a color that you love (maybe a pink small CF instead of the pink mini).

You have a beautiful collection!


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Nov 23, 2009
I’m all about black classic flaps (I have a jumbo and 2 mediums one with ghw and the other with shw).. if you must get it in black how about silver hardware?
I wouldn’t advise you to sell your medium caviar at all!
So for me either black with different hardware or a different color.. Lambskin shows colors so nicely and saturated ;)


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Sep 30, 2008
CA, U.S.A.
Love your collection and I think you should keep the black caviar m/l GHW. I personally think m/l is the best size. You might regret selling it. You can change your mind & sell it later on as the price will keep going up more. I think it's OK to get another black flap in lamb but I'd get smaller size like small or mini cf. Good luck deciding!


Jul 29, 2019
What a beautiful collection!!! I agree with the rest of the group- keep the black bag and purchase another black/non-black one (small or mini) in a different hardware (silver, ruthenium, etc). I know you were thinking of adding a pink item, perhaps get a card holder or wallet this way you do not exceed your 5 bag preference. I have multiple black bags with different types of leather and hardware. I like the variety since some of the bags are more dressy and others are relaxed. Good luck with your decision!
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Aug 19, 2020
I think it depends on how much you use the bag.. I do agree that lambskin is beautiful, but if you're going to buy it and not use it often, it would just be a waste of money to have two - especially in the same combination. If you use your M/L bag a lot, but feel like you'd love it more if you had lambskin, then I think it's worth selling for! Or you could always hold off selling it down the line, a few price increases in, once you've gotten a feel of how much you love the small lamb flap xx
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Nov 25, 2006
Your black m/l was purchased by your DH so it would be nice to keep it. Perhaps get the small black lambskin first then see if you actually no longer have use for the m/l. Having it in caviar makes it less delicate so it might be something you will still use for day to day. If you end up not reaching for it then you can eventually sell it and hopefully not have regrets at that point.