Is 2.55 size 225 tooo small ??


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Sep 30, 2008
U mean the reissue flap right? I was debating on getting size 225 or 226 before. I tried them both IRL and I luv the 226 better so I got it. The 225 is rly small and good for night out. For the $$$ I pay, I want to be able to use it as day/evening bag. Also the price dif was only $100 last year. HTH and good luck ;)


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Jan 30, 2010
225 is not small at all... but then again, it all depends what you like. i have both sizes.... reissue in 225 and 226.... and i personally think 225 is more versatile for me - i use it to run errands and for evening looks... 226 is a bit big for me for night-functions. some people like that though.... so it's all up to what you would like. :smile:


Nov 28, 2008
I have the 225 and I actually rather like the size. It's very feminine. And I think it holds enough. I am kinda not into the leather for the size but most of you love that so as long as you do I think it's a great bag!


Mar 17, 2008
Depends on what you normally carry. If you don't carry a lot, then the 225 is the perfect size for you (both day & night). However, if you have to make adjustments so you can carry a smaller bag, then I'd go with the 226 instead. The size difference isn't that big so I think it'll be more worthwhile to go up a size if you need to. Otherwise, I think the 225 is fine.


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Dec 7, 2006
It really depends on what you want to use it for. If you carry a lot during the day, then the 225 size will probably be too small. :smile: I have several reissues (227s, 226s and one 225) and use my 225 a LOT... it's a light silver metallic color that looks great dressed up. I wouldn't really wear it during the day only because of the flashy color... but I've worn small bags (WOCs) during the day with no issues... I don't always need to carry much. So, it depends on your needs. If I were choosing between a 225 and a 226 though, I'd probably get the latter... slightly bigger but still a great day/evening size.


Oct 9, 2006
They both look gorgeous in different ways -to me, the 225 looks more ladylike and elegant, while the 226 looks more edgy!

In terms of fitting stuff in, it depends on how much you carry around on a daily basis, and how much you edit. The 225 is definitely big enough for the bare-bone basics for me: wallet, keys, bb, phone, little camera, some lippies and ipod.


Jan 15, 2007
It depends -- do you carry a lot of stuff; do you want something versatile that can go from day to eve with ease? If you carry a lot, go for the 226, especially now that it's wider.

I have reissues in sizes ranging from 224, 225, and 226 in both old new version. It truly depends where I'm going, what look I want as to which purse gets to go along. The 225 is the grey '05 and I love it; I grab it frequently. But we are all different in the amount of stash we carry. If you can try them on and see what works best for you.