Is $2,300 for a vintage Maxi Caviar too high of a price?

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  1. I have no idea how much vintage flaps are suppose to cost in this market but I went to a consignment store and that was the price i got.. the bag was in decent condition but obviously looked used.
    I was considering getting it but want to check with the market first..
    What do you guys think?:heart:
  2. i think that's way above the current vintage jumbo xl 'maxi's' price on *bay.
    i think the ones on the bay are in the mid 1k and in very good condition.
  3. Are you sure it was an XL and not a jumbo? I believe that the XL's were all made in lambskin. I've never seen one in caviar leather.
    Perhaps give them a call to check the measurements and try to get some pics too to post on the authentication thread.
    Ans yes, the price is rather high for a well used piece.
  4. Yeah I just went to ebay and some other websites.. thank god i didn't buy it there... The one i wanted was the old school (not diamond quilt, just two straight lines on each side) type of XL. I believe it was in caviar.. although I could be wrong.. yay my new found obsession!!