Is 19 too young for a Birkin/Kelly?

  1. if you can pull it off age does not matter. and frankly i have seen teens rocking their bags better than some older womenan (and vice versa)

    it is more about how you carry yourself age is just a number
  2. its never too young to have greta taste..
  3. Never too young...the important thing is no matter what you carry, carry with love and care...
  4. Not at all! Thinking back, I wish I had such good taste back when I was 19. :p
  5. it depends--i dont know if you plan to work, do work, go to college but i would view it as highly ridiculous for a 19 year old to carry such a bag anywhere you want older adults to treat you seriously --ie work or school. personally i dont care but i think appearances could hurt you IF it even matters. you may not ever plan to work or go to school or do anyting professionally and in that case-does it matter? Also--we now live in different times--all gratuitous displays of wealth should be chosen carefully.
  6. :okay::yes:
  7. I can't imagine my 19 y.o with a Kelly or a Birkin. But I think if you have the money and you have the appreciation for the brand and the lifestyle for it, then why not?!?!?!?!

    I'd opt for something in Blue Jean in either a 35cm Kelly or Birkin.
  8. If you do decide to go H, I'd advise you to take your time and think it out carefully. Finding out that you made the wrong choices and need to make adjustments in your bag selections can be very expensive. Spend lots of time here in the forum, and perhaps even consider buying pre-owned until you are sure of the style, color and leather you want. There are plenty of reputable resellers out there, and lots of good deals to be had, especially in this economy.
  9. i dont think it's too young. when i was that age - by working/saving i started buying chanels. it's only been the past year or two that i started buying H & wish i had done so back then. so i would say if that is what you really want- go for it!
  10. I don't think it's too young either ...
    But people will be jealooous... Be careful ...
    You don't live the same life at 19 than at 40... Buut.. You only live once..
    When are you going to use the bag ?
    I would rather consider a hermes evening clutch ( like Jige , Kelly longue... ) to take on special occasions than an everyday birkin or kelly ...
  11. I wish you all the best by the way ! ;)
  12. :roflmfao::roflmfao: Great advice! Go for it!
  13. i think age does not matter but your style n your lifestyle does...if let say you are mature enough to appreciate the beauty n quality of hermes and it can go with ur lifestyle n style then go ahead..i am just scared sometimes if luxury comes in early age and not by earning them sometimes i saw a destruction..
    anyway if you want a kelly or birkin, i suggest a bright color buy subtle that can go with everything that u have...rouge G or rouge vif is good, blue jean is good, fuchsia is good, soleil is good. choose a pop up color to show that a young age can rock such a classic bag!
  14. i personally think that the age of a person should not be a deciding factor on whether to purchase any type of bag - it should be one's lifestyle, the bag's usability (if this is even a word, but you know what i mean :smile:), finances, and ofcourse, if it is "calling" you --- buy the bag because you love it!

    good luck!
  15. :goodpost: and advice.