is $1750 for a brandnew medium classic caviar flap good price?

  1. it's a medium caviar flap with gold hardware, is $1750 a good price on it? i really want one and this one just came up so i don't need to buy it brand new and pay tax (14% in toronto canada!) how much is it selling in stores now? i'm assuming after the numerous price increase it is around $2200?:confused1:
  2. I think so ... but I'm not an expert! I paid $1790 (I think it was) for a medium (nearly new) lambskin flap which I thought was a good deal.

    Not sure exactly what the medium caviar flap would be selling for in stores, but I'm thinking it must be around $2300 ish?
  3. In the U.S., they're $2350!!! So yes, $1750 is a great price! Although I prefer bigger bags, I was thinking of getting one as well because it's so cute in the medium size.
  4. I got mine for 1995 and that was before the Nov. increased. $1750 is a great deal for a new flap.
  5. yeah~ i think in that case i'll just seal the deal...because i really want classic flap since its a classic piece, it'll be my special occasion bag...normally i use my longchamp cus it's like a tank that is against rain and snow and being thrown on the ground :p
  6. Yes I think that's a good price, I got mine for $1620 (second-hand but almost brand new) and I was sooo happy.
  7. WOW THATS SUCH A GOOD PRICE...i tried to bargain with the seller but she wouldnt finally i caved...cus i really want it hoho:push:
  8. Go for it. With the price increase Chanel is having every year, the value of the classic will keep increasing. I got mine for $1250 in beige, like new condition.
  9. wow, everyone's getting these bags at a good deal :tup:, i have no problem with preowned bags as long as they are in great condition so with all the crazy price increase, and the huge tax on top of that, i'll be much willing to shell out for a preowned bag!
  10. That's a very good deal!
  11. Lucky gal, that's a gd deal! COngrats~
  12. go for it
  13. I shld think it is a good deal =)
  14. That's a great deal!
  15. yea go for it. its like 2350 in stores. plus taxes.

    2 decembers ago it was 1850 right under 2000 cad was charged to my creditcard..

    n last december it went up to 2350!

    so 1750 is an amazing price!