Is 16,500 usd worth for Hermes Birkin bag?

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  1. I have a reseller who has an Hermes Birkin 35 in Tan and GHW brand new but the price is 16500 usd. Is it worth it or should I wait for the srtores?

  2. I think it's really how much you are comfortable paying....
  3. +1 At the end of the day, do you feel comfortable forking out that much for a B? Would you rather spend that extra money on other H items and building a relationship and wait for yours?? If you can't wait, and nothing else interests you, I'd go the reseller route. It's the most direct and guaranteed way of getting your choice of B. GL.
  4. Its a very high price for this size n color though its timeless combo
    But hey if u r comfy n happy financially
    Go for it

    H is all bout luck timing n affordability
  5. If this bag would be your holy grail, then get it at what ever price you are comfortable with.... But if it's just you wanting a Birkin, I would definitely take some time, learn about the brand, build up a relationship - and the perfect Birkin will come. I personally am not a fan of resellers selling brand new bags - but you can definitely find vintage treasures with some luck and thorough research trough some of the resellers out there.
  6. It depends on what it's worth to you.
  7. Exactly.

    Some people are not interested in buying other hermes items to build a relationship with an SA, you never know how much you will have to spend Before being offered one. There is also the possibility of never being offered one, no matter what you buy. You can Always try Paris but then your time is limited and there is no guarantee that they will offer you a bag while you are there. The trip alone might make the Birkin more expensive than the original reseller price. If you are lucky in Paris they will offer you a bag and you won`t have to buy any additional items, although it depends on the SA and if they have any bags available at the time of your visit. Good luck.
  8. Exactly!
  9. That's a lot of money for a relatively common color/ combination.
    I have that exact bag and had no trouble finding it at my boutique.
  10. The allure of the resale market... is instant gratification. If you can wait... you can find another Birkin with the same specs... for a little less within the resale market.

    On the other hand... waiting for a boutique to come through for you... is an entirely personal choice. Unlike the resale market - where you can buy a Birkin with your preferred specifications, whenever you're ready to purchase - boutiques are a crapshoot. What one tpfer defines as "easy", another will define as "virtually impossible". So... it's up to you.

    In the end... you'll know when you've found the right bag at the right price... because it'll be worth it to you. ;)

    Good luck!

  11. My point is that this is a standard color ( like black ) that gets ordered every season, unlike anemone or other seasonal colors.
    There are more of these out there...
  12. Exactly.

    IMO $16,500 for a used gold birkin is far too much money
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  13. OP stated in her opening post this is a brand new item.
  14. my mistake.

    $16,500 IMO is still overpriced for a new gold birkin
  15. Sorry, no. :smile:
    I have seen this combo in my local Hermes before on the shelf