Is 150mm too much of a jump?

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  1. I have 100mm only right now in CL, and I want something a little higher, as I was looking at 140mm, they seem to be not too high, and not too short, I still feel short in my 100mm, and when I tried on a 120mm, still felt pretty short. The problem is, all the really hot styles are in 150 ughhh. Do you ladies think that if I got a 150 it would be too much of a jump? I was looking at the Bambou & Bibi in 140, but I still LOVE the LP.
  2. The LP is a big jump, yes. And not to be the party pooper, but 150mm is a little high IMO for a teenager (not to offend, I promise... just my honest opinion).

    If you must go higher than 120mm, I think the Bibi is a great option. Otherwise, what about adding a VP or Declic? You have plenty of time to add higher, less classic styles. ;)
  3. That's what I was expecting LOL, yeah I agree BUT they are soooo damn hot, the splash fur I WANT. no. I NEED.

    It is possible for the VP to join my collection. I just love the way the red sole shows on the heel of the Bibi. So might go for the Bambou or Bibi.
  4. Yup, it's definitely a big jump, sweet pea, especially for your age. :flowers:

    (as stated above, not to offend babe!)

    Go for the Bibi!! :tup:
  5. I think it depends on your lifestyle...

    I like to wear my Louboutins out whenever possible, ie shopping, doing groceries, running errands, and I walk a lot downtown. So I've come to the conclusion that I can't do 150s, but 140s are no problem for me.
    If you're just wearing your 150 for a dinner or something where you're sitting down all the time, then I don't think they'll be an issue. Otherwise, I'd try to get used to 140s first. Good luck!
  6. Although I agree, all age comments aside IMO, I think 150mm is a huge jump from only 100mm, I personally wouldn't jump up that high so quickly despite the LP having a platform. I went from 120mm CLs to my 140mm Biancas and definitely felt the difference at first, the new height took some getting used to, even though I had some 140s in other brands, I was shocked!

    I too was worried about 140s being too short, but honestly since getting them that's not the case, my Biancas clock in just short of 6 inches, and I don't feel like they look too short in my avi, if anything they look higher than I expected!

    If you want a 140 heel I think the Bibi is an awesome choice for you and your lifestyle, they're gorgeous and they'll be more stable to walk in regardless of the height jump because of the thicker heel.:flowers:
  7. It is a big jump, obviously, but that doesn't necessarily mean you shouldn't make the jump! :graucho:
  8. it is a BIG jump but if you feel comfortable making it then why not?
  9. That's what I'm worried about! Read my mind completely. PSYCHIC. Good to know that I won't have to worry about it looking too short.

    Yeah the thing I love about the LP is how high the heel looks, when I tried on the Lady Clou the heel looked gorgeously high lol. I don't like being short :P might just go for the Bambou then. :biggrin:
  10. lmao definitely :lol:
  11. I'm short, too, girl. I think that Bambou would look lovely on you. :yes:
  12. I am so torn since I want a RB Bambou, but the LP is so gorgeous! Banana is my fave and it's the closest to it right now I guess as well.
  13. Alright, I was also thinking the possibility of the Bianca but idk. I cannot make any decisions grr! :P
  14. I've been obsessed with super high heels since I was 10, and definitely graced some high school dances in sky highs. So I think the only way to tell if 150mm could be for you is to go try some of those high CL's on. Or at least a shoe with comparable height. Then decide if they feel comfortable to you (fit for your arch and toes as well as if you feel confident walking in them :lol:)
  15. oh, never!!! You're never going to want anything less. :giggles: