Is 14 too young for the b-bags?????

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  1. My soon to be 14 yr old (responsible) daughter would love a pink b-bag - do you think shes too young????:confused1:
  2. Well at first I was going to say yes but if she is very responsible and takes care of her things then you as a parent know her best. With the pink bags especially the light ones she would have to be extremly careful as the fade and get dirty. Also you would have to decide where she could carry it. Would you allow her to use it at school? What if it was stolen or ruined? How would you both feel?

    If it was my daughter I would make her wait until 16 but I only have sons and they do not want a b-bag.
  3. I don't think so... you know her best. If she's responsible and deserves it, then go for it! However, maybe it would be good to start her off with a pre-loved one.. cheaper than retail?

    PS. You're a wonderful mother to consider giving her one! A lot of people thought my mom was crazy for buying me a magenta first (my firstttt :heart:) when I was 18. I loved my mom so much for it!
  4. I would say no. Maybe buy her a Coach or Dooney and see how well she takes care of it. I didnt buy my daughter a "good" bag until she graduated from HS.

    I used this philosophy on when to buy my daughter a good bag, if she cant keep her room clean, she isnt gonna take care of a pricey bag.

    My daughter had to prove herself first, she is responsible also, but that doesnt mean she isnt gonna trash an expensive bag/
  5. My philosophy on pricey stuff for young kids is this: If they get really high end stuff when they are young they often expect it and they have nothing to work for themselves or look forward to when they grow up. I would probably vote no.
  6. I'm glad my mom doesn't use this philosophy.. :shame: I'm awful at keeping my room clean, though when I DO clean it, it looks great!!!
  7. You know, I kinda think you're right.. But I think it's important to emphasize that this isn't a RIGHT and that they have to DESERVE it. My mom always tells me that the only reason that I'm allowed to indulge so much is because I'm doing great in school and making her so proud. LOL it helps that she gets great bragging rights.

    Maybe if you DO get it for her, you should make sure she realizes that though the first one is a gift, if she wants others, she is going to have to work for it? Most of my expensive purses were bought with my own money, either saved from birthdays/holidays or from work.

    PS. allisonfaye: YOUR AVATOR is SO DARLING~!!!
  8. First of all, I think it's very fashion-forward for your daughter to want THIS bag! She has great taste!

    I agree for the most part with Meemie above, but since you're going to have to find a pre-loved one anyway if she really wants pink, I think even if you start looking now it will take a while to find it. And then during the search and purchase phase you can talk about when and where she can feel comfortable carrying it, and when she should take a different bag. If it takes 6 months to find a pink first, you'll have plenty of opportunity to talk!

    And the search phase will give you plenty of time to talk about price, and what it means to buy such an expensive bag, etc. In searching she's going to be seeing the prices, that this bag goes for $700 but that one went for $1200, so you can talk about value, the condition of the bags, etc. It could be a real education for her!
  9. Here is my own experience: I grew up in a household where expensive things weren't handed to me. That doesn't mean that the parents didn't try to give me nice things, but I thought that they were age appropriate. I learned the value of money (which people cannot understand at a young age) and now I am able to buy nice items with my own money. I credit my success as an adult to the financial lessons imparted on me as a kid. I'm glad I wasn't given expensive things because now I appreciate being able to purchase things myself due to hard work.
  10. I agree with Donna here, start out with something small.

  11. Yes, I think it's too young. However perhaps she can "work" to earn part of it (like $500.00?)? Then she'll feel invested in the bags worth, instead of just being given something whose value she may not understand.

  12. ITA with x joie and AllisonFaye.

    Just make sure your daughter understands that everything in life is earned and just not given to you.

    and maybe wait 'til the sweet 16 or graduation gift.
  13. When I was 14 I had several Coach bags already. IMO I don't think 14 is too young since I got started at 12. I am in my 20's now and I don't think I turned out that bad. When I read the comments on the forum regarding that 12 or 14 is too young I admit I often disagree. I really think it depends on the person and their level of maturity. At that age I certainly did not expect my parents to get me a designer bag every year and I have always thought of my bags as wonderful gifts. One thing I have learned is to appreciate quality made things, now when I want a bag I would rather save up for something well made instead of getting 10 or 20 bags that are not so well made.
  14. No way I bought my daughter her first LV when she was 14, never too young to learn to appreciate the good things in life
  15. ^^But a coach bag is like 1/4 the price of a balenciaga. Big difference!
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