Is 12-years Old To Young For Liposuction ?

  1. Should teens be able to get Lipo ?

    At 220 lbs., Brooke Bates made a shocking decision for a 12-year-old: to undergo liposuction

    Now age 13, 155 lbs.: “Liposuction is not for every overweight kid,” says Brooke (with her parents). “But if they’ve made an effort through diet and exercise, and nothing seems to be working, I say go for it.” [​IMG]
    As an adorably chubby toddler, Brooke Bates earned the family nickname Big Brooke. And her chipmunk cheeks were cute–until, of course, they weren’t: When Brooke turned 11, she weighed 180 lbs., suffered from high blood pressure and was diagnosed as prediabetic.

    A year later the 5'5" sixth–grader was up to 220 lbs. and a size 22, limiting her back–to–school shopping trips to women’s stores like Lane Bryant and prompting a doctor to classify her as morbidly obese. “I used to think of myself as a giant balloon,” Brooke, now 13, says. “Always expanding.”

    She tried to lose the weight; in fact she had dieted most of her childhood. There was the $1,400 low–carb plan her parents enrolled her in during third grade. Then Richard Simmons’s Deal–a–Meal in fourth grade and Weight Watchers in the fifth.
    Her parents tried to help at home by “getting rid of all the chips, crackers and cookies,” her father, Joey, says. But regardless of any success she had, the pounds always came back. “Brooke seemed to be the kind of kid who gained weight from just looking at food,” says her mother, Cindy.

    Then one day in September 2005, as Brooke was curled up on the sofa in the family room of the Bates’s ranch house outside Austin, Texas, she watched a documentary on a subject that seemed to offer an answer: liposuction. An elective procedure that uses a metal tube and suction pump to remove fat through the skin, liposuction, Brooke thought, would solve her weight woes.

    But when she brought the idea to her parents, they were less enthusiastic. “I thought, ‘Do we really want to put our child through this? There’s going to be considerable pain.’ But Brooke was determined,” says Joey.

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  2. Hell yeah they're too young! What is the rush???? They still have time for that baby fat to disappear in its normal course in time. Latest by 22 or so.
  3. 5'5 and 220 lbs is a little more than "baby fat". After reading the entire article...I agree with what they did. She's healthy now, and happy!
  4. No, they should NOT. That is ridiculous.
  5. Lipo was never intended to be used in that way. It is intended for spot reduction when people hold a disproportionate amount of fat in one area of the body. Most doctors will not even perform the procedure unless a patient is at or near their ideal weight.

    The family even admitted that they weren't eating particularly well. This is neither a healthy nor a safe way to lose weight. Bravo if it jumpstarted a new lifestyle for her, as that is the best thing that could come of it, but I believe it was irresponsible of the parents and the doctor to use it for overall weight loss and to use it on someone so young.

    Ninety percent of the time, obesity is caused by lifestyle. In the rare instance that there is a metabolic condition or medical condition causing obesity, liposuction will not cure it.
  6. Precisely :yes:
  7. I absolutely do not agree with her parents' decision to allow her to have liposuction. Liposuction was never designed as a lose-weight method, rather than a "get rid of that weird lump on your thigh" method.
  8. ^I completely agree. I think she took the easy way out.
  9. I agree! She is happy and that is what matters. I could imagine growing up was extremely difficult for her.
  10. The article didn't mention exercise....If she wasn't exercising like playing soccer or tennis (or something else healthy and fun) then there was no reason to get lipo right away.
  11. ridiculous. at 12, you aren't even done developing. i grew like 4 inches between 12-16. They weren't willing to undergo gastric bypass because a friend had died but they've never heard of people dying from lipo?
  12. 12!!!!?? That is WAY too young.
  13. I've always believed that getting liposuction to lose weight is ridiculous anyway. Sure, you'll be thinner, but if you don't change your lifestyle, you'll be fat again in a couple of years. The only way to lose the weight and keep it off is to make a permanent lifestyle change. I wish I had realized that when I was her age. I would have saved myself a lot of grief. :sad:
  14. Whew! harsh. But the alternative was for her to stay obese and unhealthy. She's changed her lifestyle now. So nothing but good has come from it.
  15. OMG! I can't believe I just read that! I think that's a terrible decision ever! Yeah, she's happy now, but did she learn to control her eating? What food and exercise choices are they making? Did she have lipsuction all over her body? What happens when the weight comes back? Just keep doing it over and over? (if they can even do it again!)