Is '07 turquoise the same thing as "aquamarine"??

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  1. Please someone tell me if a wallet from '07 described as turquoise is the same thing as aquamarine!! If someone has seen '07 turquoise with their own eyes, please tell me if its gorgeous or just okay! Does the zipper look crazy on them? I'm looking at a wallet but have only seen it online!! help!
  2. i believe that the only turquoise shade from 07 was aquamarine.

    from what i have seen on tpf the color has varied alot from a subtle blue/green to some that rival 05's turquoise. either way it is a really beautiful color!
  3. Thank you for a quick reply! I'm doing it! The color looks great and she looks reputable. I've just been confused because some SAs I've talked to at Saks and Neimans describe this color as turquoise. There's got to be a better system for pinning names on these beauties!
  4. I have a photo I took of all my blue tassels for comparison, that I will attach. Marie is absolutely right. There is no Turq from 07. Hope this helps.:heart:


    From left to right...06 Blue India, 05 Sky Blue, 07 Aquamarine, 05 Ice Blue, 05 Teal, 06 Cornflower Blue, 05 Turquoise, 05 Indigo, and 04 Dk Turquoise.
  5. deana: thanks for posting that pic! u're amazing! now i have a better idea of what i want for my next bag! :graucho:
  6. Deana that photo is an amazing reference! Thanks. Inky, aquamarine is gorgeous color that will make for a stunning wallet!
  7. I knew I came to the right source for help, Ladies! Deanna, that photo is exactly what I needed! I am so drawn to this color family!!! Thank you!
  8. all I can say is :drool::drool::drool::drool::drool::drool::drool:
  9. :blush:You're all very welcome. If you need any other comparisons I would be happy to help if I can.:heart: