Is 06 Grey and 07 Plomb/Steel at all comparable?

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  1. I'm on the search for a great gray bag for this fall, ( only days after aquiring my first Bbag, go figure :weird: ) and Balenciaga is where to turn. My only question. After looking at the lovely color reference pages we have, I can't decide between the two shades. Are they at all similar? Does any lucky soul own both, and in that case, which do you prefer? I'm at a complete loss on which to get. :crybaby:
  2. I haven't seen 06 grey IRL but I think that plomb is much darker. Plomb is almost black and has blue undertones whereas 06 grey seems to be much lighter and with no blue in it.
  3. Right, it just struck me I worded this all wrong. I'm asking which one people prefer because one is so dark and one is so light. I can tell now, looking back, that they are not at all similar like I previously thought. I dunno, I thought they were sort of the same middle ground, and the same shade, only one was darker, but the Plomb really does have blue undertones.
  4. They really aren't comparable. Plomb is so dark it makes me do a double take, is that black, is that grey?? 06 Grey is definitely a grey and mine has a green undertone. It's a lovely grey, I always think of an elephant when I carry mine : )

    I wish you well,

  5. the 06 grey is definitely a lot lighter than the plomb!! the plomb is sort of dark charcoal almost black color. the 06 grey color is really just a grey and slightly lighter than 05 grey.