Is 06 Grenat discontinued color?

  1. I want the Day bag in red color but looking for deeper red not too bright like 07 Tomato.
    I posted a thread asking for 05 Rouge Theatre but it's discontinued and will have very hard time finding it. Would Grenat be closest reddish hue to Rouge Theatre? or is Genat also discontinued too? I've been looking at those red color family bags and wish there are some comparison pics.
    Can anybody with red BBag help me with the color choices??
    Please help me~~:sweatdrop:
  2. Grenat is a past seaon color, too, so it is discountinued as well but way easier to find than RT! Be patient and it will show up when you least expect it.
  3. The colors are pretty different, but you might still like it regardless.

    Here's a couple pictures of '06 Grenat Work, '05 Rouge Theatre City, '04 True Red Twiggy:


  4. Thank you so much for a comparison pics, Real Deal collection!!
    This helps me alot!!
    Grenat is gorgeous too!!
  5. wow this has got to be the best comparison picture for size and style and colour! :yahoo:thanks RDC!!! :flowers: