Is '05 leather supposed to look like this?

  1. Can anyone help me? This is my first Bbag so I have no idea what Balenciaga leather should look like..:confused1:

    I've posted pics below..can anyone help me if the leather is too dry and cracked? Do I need to moisturize it? TIA!:tup:
  2. Looks good to me, but I never treat my bbags with any products at all.
  3. Picture #4 looks very dry to me, but rest look good. It's up to you if you want to moisturize it or not. As hmwe46 said she doesn't treat her bags but some tPF do.
  4. It looks fine to me as well. It should feel silky to the touch and yes that crackly distressing is unique to Balenciaga. As you use the bag and the leather breaks in it will change. I would not put anything on it...I'd just pet and stoke the bag with clean, dry hands. The light oils in your skin will moisturize the bag slowly over time and give it a lovely patina.
  5. I've heard that the worse thing you can do to leather (despite what BalNY says), is to leave it dry and cracked. So even if they advise you NOT to moisturize, it makes perfect sense to me to keep it moist so that it won't "break."

    I use LMB's moisturizer. If it needs a hardcore moisturizing, then Nivea does the trick really well for me.

    Its a personal choice, but it sounds like you already think its dry. [ ;