Irritating thing I overheard while buying my bag at the boutique...

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  1. So I was actually the first one at our boutique this morning to get my bag (yes I was that excited lol) so I tried on a few bags on then one thing led to another I ended up trying a lot of Alma MMs, PMs and BBs so they were all laid out on the middle glass display table of the boutique.

    Then as people came in, some were mutually admiring the bag with me calling it beautiful, etc and I was excited to hear other customers' opinions about the bags I was considering particularly the Almas in vernis. Then after a while I heard this guy who was with a female companion point at one of the vernis Alma bags and said out loud "There, that's the print people choose if they're only concerned about status symbol." in a know-it-all tone. The weird thing about it was I was right in front of them carrying an Alma MM! I just got so irritated and I wanted to tell him "if you think we buy these bags because we want to shove it to people that we're in a higher social status than them then why the :censor: are you here then?"

    It was just weird for a guy with that opinion about LV bags to be in an LV store. :mad:
  2. Well, I would have thought there are more flashy print as far as LV is concerned but at any rate, he should not pass judgemental statements like this. Either jealous or pretend to know it all, like you said.
  3. He's just saying that because he can't afford to buy one for his "female companion" LoL!!
  4. ^ this

    but i have to say lot of my friends (guys and girls) dont understand, why i drool over some designer bags/clothes.. And I dont think i have to explain it to anybody :supacool:
  5. He's rude. My DH isn't into LV and he thinks it's overpriced but if he were in a boutique with me he'd never say anything to insult other people.
  6. it sounds so intolerant and jealous. he's only angry because he can't afford it or don't want to spend much money. sometimes such people make me very angry but then I think they are only stupid and ignorant!
  7. Definitely sounds like jealousy to me! You should wear yours with pride :smile:
  8. :rolleyes: Some people, lol. I guess we all have our reasons for liking whatever it is we like. I've always admired Louis Vuitton and especially monogram because it always had that retro and vintage feel that I love. Someone on the outside looking in opinions don't even matter.
  9. Lol @ those ignorant people. I'm actually curious to find out wat his response would have been if u did ask him that lol!
  10. Absolutely right! He is just hoping that she will not want anything from the LV shop...hahaha....what would most men know about bags anyway?! :P
  11. I guess it's good to sometimes hear how others view our hobby.
  12. I feel very very special when I carry LV, Chanel or other big names. "Special" does not mean I am in higher status than other people. It means I am proud of myself and I am showing off. For him, I think he thinks himself shorter when he sees other people carrying LV bags, Chanel or others. So he is the problem. not us
  13. Definitely jealousy. Don't know why he would bother stepping foot in a LV store in the first place
  14. There are all sorts of people in the world, and some of those wouldn't consider buying an LV that is not instantly recognisable as Louis Vuitton, because the status thing is a factor for them. Of course it's incredibly presumptuous of him to assume that it's the only reason people would buy certain bags and very rude of him to make such a sweeping statement about it in public!
  15. just shows how little he knows about LV.....