Irritated! Does anybody know...

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  1. Hello,
    I'm am a big lurker on the forums and don't post very much. I recently just purchased the Black Bleeker tote with my PCE. Anyways, I have a one in one out rule with my handbags. So I'm selling my carly on eBay. I purchased it in March at the boutique with my pce at that time. Anyways I got an email from an ebayer stating my handbag is fake and that they reported it to ebay. My handbag is 100% authentic and I'm just irritated that someone has no idea about Coach handbags and is going to ruin my auction. My question is just because one person thinks my handbag is fake does ebay automatically take it off the auction or do they look into it a bit more. Thanks in advance.
  2. I think they do look into it further, they shouldnt remove because of one report. Please block the user so they cant bid and jeopardise your auction. good luck,
  3. ebay doesnt surprise me they always take off authentic ones and leave alll the nasty fake ones. I can only list 1 designer item but there are members out there that are allowed to list more then 1 fake purse.... ahh ebay is so irratating!!
  4. Ebay is so weird.
  5. ditto