Irresistible (Harry/Draco) SLASH!

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  1. I love Harry / Draco slash, and I thought this was a sweet video.

    (Slash is when people write stories / upload Youtube videos pretending two characters who aren't together are a couple. ie: Ron / Harry, Draco / Harry, Hermione / Draco.)

    This one is Harry / Draco.

    YouTube - Harry Potter - Irresistible (Harry/Draco) SLASH!
  2. ^^LOL! I loved that!
  3. LOL I'm at work so I was silently laughing under my breath. Too funny!!
  4. That was HILARIOUS!!! (I had the sound off, but it was still hysterical!) Thanks for sharing!

  5. funny:roflmfao:
  6. Oh my, someone clearly has too much time on his/her? hands :P

    I'm loving it. So funny :upsidedown:
  7. I love yaoi (slash), Harry x Draco is definitely my favorite pairing
  8. Finally had a chance to watch this on youtube ... Caitlin, thanks for the link. I had a crappy day today and this has really made my day:flowers:

    And I just went and saw the video for the Cedric/Harry one ("Dirty Little Secret"). This is hilarious.
  9. Hehe, that one is cute~~
    Man ... I LOVE Yaoi (or Slash for that matter) :love:. I guess I'll be on youtube all night now :P
  10. hahhaha
    i have to admit i really enjoyed watching that
  11. Ok, I'm officially "blaming" Caitlin for my staying up late last night :P

    I spent hours searching youtube for more Harry Potter yaoi, then downloaded "Memories" by Within Temptation because it was the theme song for one of the Cedric x Harry video.

    After that, I went online and read a bunch of Harry x Draco and Draco x Harry fanfics.

    I miss slash/yaoi ... This is making me want to cosplay again.
  12. Haha! In that case, I probably shouldn't tell you about the 'dirtier' one I know about!

    (*cough* do a youtube search for Harry/Draco and Talk Dirty To Me *cough*)
  13. "You were fraternizing with the enemy!"
    "No, I . . . I didn't enter!"

    Harry Potter, and the Goblet of Fire
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