Irregular Period After Stopping the Pill

  1. ok, so when i was 16 i started taking the pill and i stayed on it for 4 years. i stopped taking the pill in june after my boyfriend and i broke up (i knew i would not be sexually active and couldnt afford to stay on it anymore) and had a regular period in july. for some reason i did not get my period in august, but it resumed again in september and october. i was due to have my period on november 28, but it never came, and still hasnt after 29 days.

    i know that it is common to have irregular periods after stopping the pill but they should become regular after 3-6 months. december would is 6 months for me, and still nothing.

    has anyone else had this kind of problem? i cant be pregnant, and i havent my changed diet/excercise. i also have not been under any kind of stress. help? TIA.
  2. **after 19 days, NOT 29 (it wont let me edit my post again)
  3. I can't give you an exact number but it takes time, the longer you've been on the pill, the longer it will take.
  4. Also, did you have regular periods before taking the pill ? Some women (including me) have irregular or longer cycles.