Irregular leather texture?


Old school tPFer
Jan 31, 2006
Hi all...!!! :P
i've just recently got my braaaand neeeew balenciaga blueberry day from aloharag and i'm in LuuuuuuuuuRrvvvee!!! :love: but what i wanna know is... has anyone experienced different leather textures on their bag? :confused1: i don't mean the front and the back(i've seen some like that) but on the same piece of leather? the right side of my day is kinda smooth and matte and the other is veiny and shiny....!! :shrugs:
geez... hahahaa... i told jumpei i like veiny crackly and shiny... i guess he decided to give me both? :rolleyes: caramel purse is super smooth in the middle and more wrinkly on either end. It's like that front and back. I kinda like it myself....
my sapin city is exactly the same!!! the right side has really thick matte leather, and the left is kinda shiny... i love it though, makes it unique :jammin:
^^ i know i know peppy...!!! :nuts: gotta find my camera first tho... moved recently(well, 3 months ago :shame:smile: and my camera is still buried SOMEWHERE...:rolleyes:...
blueberry blueberry YUMYUMYUM...!!! :party:next up...LV damier azur speedy 25! :yahoo:

yeah i DO love that uniqueness with my bbags! :roflmfao:makes it TRULY MMMMMMYYYY bag!