Irrational Handbag Fears

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  1. Sigh, it's so embarrassing!!:shame: :shame: :shame: But I've got these. Fears about theft, even fire :shame: Does anyone else have these?!
  2. Yes and of course it's only natural. If you add up the prices of all your bags, that's a lot of money. I keep my receipts locked away in case of a fire. I call it a collection because some of those styles are hard to find.
  3. i didnt, but now i do, since in oct 2005 a robber rob my mom's tods d bag plus whole things in it :sad:
  4. Just an FYI, you should get a rider from your insurance company. Just having the receipts alone will not always guarantee replacement value. You would just get an adjusted value

    I would call my homeowners insurance guy and ask him what you should do and what your policy will cover. I have my handbags on the same rider as my jewelry, so I'm safe!
  5. I'm definitely afraid of theft. If I'm going somewhere that isn't so safe, like downtown late at night, I'll either leave my bag at home or stick it in the trunk of my car and only take my ID, cash and car keys with me. My boyfriend's grandmother had her purse stolen a few years ago. I'm concerned about the bag, but more about my driver's license and credit cards inside! We recently had a scare with someone using the bf's AmEx number to buy around $450 worth of crap online. We still don't know how they were able to get the number :evil:

    You're not alone, BLM! :biggrin:
  6. i am so sorry this happened:sad2:

  7. thanks greenie, it never occurred to be.
  8. My scare is mostly with I would be at work and a fire would break out and my bags would all burn to nothingness.
  9. IMO - we need to take normal precautions and not worry, we can't enjoy our possessions if we are worrying about something happening to them - I am a worrier by nature and am constantly trying to keep it to a minimum, it spoils everything.
  10. I've had a couple of bags stolen throughout the years so I've learned not to get too attached to any of my material things. they can be replaced (although licenses, credit cards, etc. are sure a pain!)
  11. I save my best bags for Saturday nights out w/husband. I don't feel safe carrying Fendi baguettes all over Philadelphia. I think we average a murder per day here. We were even on Geraldo for the "no snitch" t-shirts. Also, we are conveniently located just across the river from Camden, NJ-crime capital of the US.
    I work in a bad area of town, so I don't take anything that attracts too much attention down there. I tell everyone there my bags are fake. Sad, I have to lie, but better safe than sorry.
  12. Yikes! Ever consider moving? (not being funny or sarcastic.)
  13. Baglovingmom, you are not alone with your handbag fears. During the Florida hurricane season in 2004, I put my bags inside trash liners just in case there was a roof leak and they would get wet. And yes, I also took other hurricane ready precautions such as stock up on water and can food.:amuse:
  14. Actually, we are talking about moving to Delaware this year!
  15. I had a girl friend who had her Marc Jacob bag stole in a Korean restraunt in full day light. it was a 2 person job. the restraunt happen to have a video camera. a man grab the bag from below and handed it immediately to another woman who went out of the place. it happen in less than a minute. she said just the bag and her cellphone and ipod was worth 3500. you could imagine how devastated she was. It was considered grand larsony she said. She never got anything bag. SCARY!!!