Iron sloane or ebano new ball? 2 days to decide..

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am deciding on my first BV purchase. The SA called me today and said she will hold the iron new sloane (p56 of the catalogue) until thursday. However I'm also on the waitlist for the ebano new ball bag (p50 of the catalogue). SO the question is which one would make a good first purchase?

    Originally I wanted a Veneta but it seems there are many secondhand ones available and I want something more unique I guess. I love the Carmine color veneta but I don't think it'll be as versatile in my wardrobe for such a hefty price.

    I haven't seen the new sloane yet but the only downside I can think of is the zipper - it's more of a hassle when you get stuff.

    Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. I personally love my classic ball bag - I hae seen the pictures of the new one and it looks nice (just waiting to get my hands on one to see what' it's like without the 4 little pockets)

    So I'd go ball bag myself.
  3. I think the iron color is really beautifu and unique,l and I prefer the sloane to the ball. So my vote is for the iron sloane. While I say that, I love ebano and am saving up for the large veneta in it. Good luck on your hard decision! I blame it on BV, they just make too many gorgeous colors and designs!
  4. Wow, tough choice, those are two incredible bags. I guess that I would maybe base the decision on what goes best with your wardrobe and what your coloring is since one of them is more of a cool color and the other is more of a warm color.
  5. I like the page 56 one!
  6. i agree...although my style preference is the ball, only b/c the sloane seems more casual to me.
  7. sloane... i think iron is more "wow"... you can get ebano anytime....
  8. I like the iron Sloane better, but it's only up to you...
  9. I just checked - the iron Sloane on page 56 is the old version with the leather-covered rings. The new Sloane is on page 70 (not shown in iron), with gold rings and zipper. I'd ask what colour hardware the new Sloane in iron would have - gold might not look right.
  10. Iron Sloane! Iron Sloane! Beautiful color and FAB style. I have a Sloane in Limo and I think the style is edgier than the Ball. I'm not sure I'm crazy about the gold rings on the new Ball. Do you know if the Veneta will be available in Iron? I LOVE that color! :tup:
  11. My vote is for Iron Sloane, old version (as shown on p.56). I'm loving this new color and it looks particularly good in this style.

    I completely agree with bete, the new style with gold ring and zipper in Iron is a no.

    BTW, the "new" Sloane style (with rings and zipper) is called a "Hobo". Good luck!
  12. I believe it depends on how it looks and how well it fit with your style. I dont have any of the ball, or the sloane cz it looks awful on me, regardless of my endless layalty to BV, but still those basic designs dont fit me in a stylish way.

    I guess u should try both and decide which one adds to your overall beauty.
  13. Ball Bag!
  14. I vote for the sloane, and iron is a very beautiful colour!
  15. Me too! :yes: