IRL Swatch Pics of Crackle leather

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  1. Does anyone have swatches yet of these they'd be willing to share pics of??
  2. I'm Beautiful Midi in purple crackle, ordered through BEC. First two pics are in natural light, last is in fluorescent light with flash.

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  3. So very very very very pretty gga!! mmmmmmm :drool:

    How's it wearing?
  4. LOL, wow, how's that for a swatch picture for you there arielsdream?

    gga, you're my hero! That IB is beautiful!
    I was thinking of you yesterday. Do you remember long ago when you asked me if I was jumping on board with you all on the dark blue crash? Well I jumped! And I was thinking of you because I am choosing the fuchsia lining for my dark blue crash Surprise Me and I was hoping you still liked yours in your Rock Me.
    Oooooooh and look, I see that our Dr. Destructo is Satan's Little Helper now????? LOL

    Thank you arielsdream for allowing me to digress.
  5. I have the chocolate crackle in a tiny little piece. Wanna see? I'll take pix. Hurry, hurry, Beckie, before the sun goes down! I'll send the pix to Lovie.
  6. Hi RB! It's wearing really well, actually. I'm pretty careful with bags overall, but this one doesn't seem to need any babying.

    Hi LHB! Yep, still loving the blue crash RM, and I'm still really happy I chose the pink lining. My mom nearly ordered the same bag you did. She was so smitten with blue crash. I'm betting you'll be so happy with your choice.

    Dr. Destructo is grown up and into his full naughty-making potential. Satan's Lil Helper suits him more now, I fear.

    Sorry no choc crackle swatches, arielsdream!
  7. I am on stand-by Moonfancy and ready to post any pictures.

    So good to hear your thoughts, gga, have you seen tenKrat's pictures of the Surprise Me with the addition of the narrow shoulder strap, that sealed the deal for me. Show your Momma, she might be interested:
    And just to clarify by "pink" you do mean fuchsia, right??? Give SLH a scratch behind the ears and under the chin for me. xoxo

    Thanks again Arielsdream for allowing the discussion to wander - - I will post any pix of the choc crackle when Moon emails them. :smile:
  8. No, I refuse to believe that dog is anything but angelic. I LOVE THAT DOG. Also, someone on here has a King Charles Spaniel. Love that dog, too. I love everyone's dogs. And cats. Oh, cats... I love cats! I really do think we need a thread of everyone's animals. Seems most all of us are animal lovers.

    I mailed the pix of the chocolate crackle to Lovie. Maybe she is eating them.
  9. Posting on behalf of our beloved Moonfancy, in her words...

    Next to Gold Counter

    Outside on White Paper

    On Deck Edge

    Stuck in a succulent

    On Root EM

    On BE Tan

    With Copper Purse Pendant
  10. Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh! That is one gorgeous leather!
  11. Actually, let me say that when you look at this leather, you see tiny, TINY spots of gold. But then it vanishes instantly, and the leather looks dark bronze. The twinkle of gold is in the crackled part of the leather, and it really does look crackled. Still, the goldish part disappears almost before you realize you've seen it. Very pretty, very interesting leather. Really reminds me of Chocolate Crash, but it's much heavier than the crashes. Thicker.
  12. Yeah, and I think it's going to wear VERY well. This doesn't seem like a leather you have to baby or worry about too much. Like the pebbled leathers in that way.
  13. GORGEOUS! The cracked purple looks very similar to the plum crash in colour.
  14. Lovely, thank you Moonie and Lovie!! Very nice swatch. Love the sounds of a hearty leather that is special and has some spark to it.

    That IB midi is fab, gga! Really. I am just in love with my petrol IB midi and can already imagine having another.
  15. Both are divine -but the purple crackle just about killed me. Thanks for posting!!!!!!!