IRL how do you girls use a Dr Q Delancey???

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  1. I went to Japan last week and bought my first MBMJ bag, the Bordeaux Dr Q Delancey, from an outlet there. The bag looks absolutely cool, and it was too good a bargain to be missed. So I paid and got it right away.

    Now that I got home and took a closer look, the bag is impossibly gigantic that I can hide a baby in it and get thru customs without getting caught (well, unless they x-ray my bag). When I bought the bag I actually wanna use it for everyday work, but now the size seems inappropriate...

    Ladies with the same bag, or a bag of similar size for that matter, can you tell me what you use the bag for? I don't travel that much so I can't use it as a travel bag. Do people use an oversized bag for practical purpose or they just want huge bags? I'm 5'7 and still can't figure whether the bag looks ok on me... Will post modelling pic later.

    Sigh, struggling right now. If it doesn't fit me I'll just have to sell it on ebay... but I'll be sorry to part with it :crybaby: So please ladies, can you give me some advice?
  2. I think it's used more as a weekender bag, to stuff all your clothes, shoes, etc. in more so than an everyday bag. Maybe you can use it for work or school? If you dont love it, it's probably best to sell it and use the money to fund something you really love!
  3. Do you have any pics of it? That could help us figure out if it's too big for you :smile:
  4. you're tall, so you should be able to pull off an oversized bag. i carry huge bags all the time and i'm three inches shorter than you. do you usually have a need for a larger sized bag? i go to work and school, so my books, laptop, shoes, etc. all need to be with me. if you don't have need for such a big bag then, yeah, sell it. i've seen a couple of tall people in nyc carrying the delancey. they've all look great!
  5. Ok ladies, modelling pics + close up of the delancey:

    Attached Files:

  6. It's a BEAUTIFUL bag and I love love love big bags, but I really do think this one is too big for an every day bag. p.s. - I love your hardwood floors!!!
  7. i'm sure many people will that the bag is too big on you, but i love the big back look. you're tall enough to pull it off. it looks great and i love the color.
  8. I'm in LOVE with this bag... :love:

    But I can't find it anywhere... :crybaby:

    I personally love huge bags and carry them anywhere I go, since I carry lots of things with me. But I do think that if you don't, it can look weird AND it's pretty heavy...
  9. OHHH great bag... i love huge bags